Simple Wedding Rings

I’ve spotted lots of women around New York recently wearing simple gold wedding bands (pretty!), so I decided to do a round-up of longtime favorites. You can always get your ring engraved, too: My wedding ring says “all my love,” and Alex’s ring says, “all my life,” inspired by our grandparents.

1. Loved ring, $315.
2. Polka-dot band, $310.
3. Heart ring, $88.
4. Tie-the-knot ring, $154.
5. Diamond ring, $600.
6. Thin gold band, $16.

Thoughts? What’s your wedding ring like? xo

(Graphic design by Jennifer Hagler for Cup of Jo)

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  3. I chose to get a simple gold band rather than a big ‘bling-bling’ ring and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made (besides marrying my husband). It’s just so versatile. Glad the trend is catching on!

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  5. I love the simple, minimalist look! Especially those rings!

  6. dionne macauley-black says...

    The “Tie-the-knot ring” is simple,beautiful and gorgeous. Is it real gold?

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  8. My engagement ring is a plain platinum group with a diamond, and I plan on receiving a natural platinum band as my wedding band.

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  24. It is simple but really beautiful, and the engraved “all my love”,”all my life” just make it perfect for the wedding ring.

  25. These gold wedding bands are so beautiful! I like the idea of simple gold wedding bands, signs of a simpler life. The ones I looked at by GemLN were pretty nice, and cheaper than other websites.

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  33. Who said simple has to be boring? These rings show that a wedding and/or engagement ring doesn’t have to be intricate or loaded with gems and stones to be beautiful and significant. That diamond ring is really beautiful! The stone may be small, but it’s no less sparkly than the most beautiful engagement ring.

    Bridget Rossi

  34. These designs remind me of the keep it short and simple principle. These are stunning engagement ring designs. Do you actually do custom designing and what costs are we looking at.

  35. Heart lover controlled by love and not a wedding ring

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  38. I got engaged 3 weeks ago, my finace surprised me with a sweet and simple gold ring with 10 little diamonds across the front. It glistens so bright and the more I look at it, the more I absolutley love it! At first, I didn’t want diamonds at all because I do think about conflict, however he assured me they are Canadian. This ring is my most favorite possesion! Its all the more special because his Mother told me he looked at hundreds of rings, but kept returning to this one. I hope to get a simple band to match when we get married, perhaps a set of those neat finger print ones from etsy.

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  40. The center solitaire engagement ring is glaring with a heart in it, just amazing it is.

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  45. Look for a wedding ring that is very solid and one that is strong enough to be able to withstand even every day wear.

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  47. I love the knot! I’m not married, but wear a promise ring from my boyfriend of three years, It’s beautiful with quite a few diamonds. For my wedding ring, however, I’ll be looking for something simpler.

  48. I like #4 ring in this post…i just got married a couple days ago, and my Wedding Rings are simple, having a small diamond in the middle.

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  52. i just got married a couple weeks ago,and my engagement ring is simple, organic looking with a small diamond in the’s so nice.. a ring which simple and descent are very attractive.

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  60. All wedding rings are simple and elegant.I love the polka dot band.Its unique.

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  62. Anonymous says...

    I like the original styles, but they look so thin and dainty, like they could be broken easy. I’d prefer something stronger if it’s that thin, like tungsten.

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  66. Simple is always attractive, it can have some sort of individual feature like a writing or a finger print on the inside, but a plain band is always classy.

  67. These are awesome wedding ring. I likes diamond in golden and titanium ring !!!

  68. love that you two engraved your wedding rings. I want a simple gold band with engraved words.

  69. Hi Johanna!

    Thank you so much for this post! My boyfriend actually purposed to me yesterday with a rint made of foil on our 6 year-celebration together. So cute btw :-)

    I´ve always said I want a thin ring but haven’t seen much of them in Sweden and these are beautiful!

    Love your blog, it makes me happy!

    From Sweden with love

  70. just beautiful. my kinda rings…

  71. i love that simple and elegant rings. that ring was a worn simply to wedding couples.

  72. I suppose I’m (for once) ahead of the trend. I’ve been wearing a rounded gold band for almost 3 years!

  73. i love the knot ring, so dainty and pretty!

  74. Love the simplicity. my Wedding ring is just plain with diamond. love it so much

  75. I love the idea of getting away from thick gawdy bands!

  76. love the simplicity. i have a platinum silver band with small diamonds. it suits me perfectly…. simple yet classic.

  77. @rosepetalsandlace- I LOVE that Tiffany’s bow ring!!!!,

  78. I chose to get a simple gold band rather than a big ‘bling-bling’ ring and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made (besides marrying my husband). It’s just so versatile. Glad the trend is catching on!

  79. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my wedding ring. My engagement ring was so simple and perfect that my husband and I had to search for a perfect match. Finally, we found our wedding rings on esty. A simple gold ring that looks like a tree trunk. Simple and perfect.

  80. I, ahem, prompted my now-fiance to have the diamond I inherited from my grandmother (it had been one of her earrings) put in this setting –
    from Etsy seller Gin and Butterflies. I love love love it. I love the combination of an old stone in a more contemporary setting.

    No decisions yet on wedding rings!

  81. I just wanted to add to this list the wonderful jewelry designer who custom made my engagement ring and wedding band, Shane from One Stone New York. Here’s his etsy shop:

    All his rings are simple, elegant, and affordable, and he is the dearest human being – it felt so great to support such a deserving artist.