Our Wedding Rings

Last night, Alex and I biked over to Brooklyn to meet with jewelry designer Blanca Monros Gomez about our wedding rings. Blanca was warm and wonderful, and I’d highly recommend her for anyone looking for a wedding ring. It felt exciting and romantic to choose them. (I chose the thin gold square ring, above, and Alex chose the bigger square ring; those black diamonds are so pretty, too, though!)

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  4. Wedding rings are important symbols of marriage. It shows that a man and woman are one in marriage, a symbol of Christian faith in marriage and bonding.

  5. You are having gorgeous wedding ring. I must say that you do have a great taste. Well I don’t like black diamond but after seeing your ring I think they don’t look so bad as I thought. This time I will try for a black diamond ring. Thanks.

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  7. Anonymous says...

    I think matching ring sets are a great way to go as well, it makes the rings that much more special! Great topic!

  8. Great Post. Thanks for that. I too like using Tungsten Rings. It is very stylish and awesome. Thats why I preferred buying my wedding rings in tungsten itself.

  9. Bride to Be says...

    The wedding rings on the bottom are my favorite. I like that they aren’t diamonds, it makes it more unique.

  10. OMG! Love them! I’ve been looking for a rose gold wedding band with black diamonds. My engagement ring is the same with a pink gemstone in the middle! So glad I found your site to find the ring!

  11. gorgeous rings! love the understated, classic, elegance.

  12. Impeccable. Well done.

  13. Oh…the first pair make my heart flutter! You have great taste!

    It’s so romantic! Hope you tell us which one you chose!

  14. That’s so exciting!

  15. these rings are so dainty and stunning. perfect for wedding rings. i can’t believe i have been reading your blog and never asked, but would you be so kind as to trade links with me? :) xo

  16. These are gorg, Joanna.

    The rings are so important! People gloss over them sometimes in the middle of wedding planning, but that’s the thing you’re gonna wear *forever* !!

    You want to look down at your ring every day and *love* it.

  17. lovely! how exciting! i feel so much cooler wearing my wedding rings – there is just something about their presence that makes me feel a little different.

  18. thank you so much for all your incredibly sweet comments :)

  19. I think that the second set is my dream wedding rings! Beautiful!

  20. Oh! Her jewelry is amazing! I love her Flower collection so much! And her rings are so simple and stylish! I wish the you two happiness Joanna!! :) xox

  21. I love the rings you chose. People usually get really excited around weddings and often the tendency leads to buying huge rings, that in the end, will totally limit your ring wearing options down the road. The ring you chose is great because its down spoken and can be worn alone or with some other rings, and is therefor a lot less limiting.

  22. Love your ring choices. After 21 years of marriage I look at mine with such love of the early days. Good luck!

  23. ahhh I love the black diamond one – i want to marry myself so I can buy it! They are beautiful rings, how lovely and to meet the person who makes them makes it so much better…

  24. I looked at these last night when I saw your twitter update, and tried to guess which you’d choose… so wonderful and exciting. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Ours are like that first photo – simple, a bit industrial, and platinum. When my mum first saw the engagement ring my husband chose for me, she saw it right away: he understands you.

  26. can’t wait to see the final product that you two chose!

  27. That’s super exciting.. congratulations!

  28. Oh you have put me in the mood for all things weddings. Those simple rings look so elegant…i don’t think the boy with be impressed with me though

  29. awe! how lovely! I’m so happy & excited for you two! :)

  30. these are so lovely! off to check out more of her lovely work!

  31. I love Blanca’s jewelry and I can’t wait to see your rings!

  32. Really lovely!
    There is something special about rings from a jewellery designer as opposed to the maistream machine made variety.
    The handmade item usually retains
    that indvidual “hand made feeling”


  33. thank you so much! these comments are so nice, and my heart is overflowing :)

  34. You are right her designs are very elegant and romantic. I really liked the delicate flower rings.

  35. I love love love everything about the rings you guys chose. The reclaimed gold, the different yet complimentary styles, the wonderful little diamonds on yours! Beautiful.

  36. Gorgeous choices!! I love that they are eco-friendly too. Just makes them even more beautiful and kind of gives them a bit of history already, no?! Congrats again and can’t wait to read more about the planning!

  37. Plain beautiful!!! I love the simplicity that exuberates elegance.. How exciting time for both you and Alex!!!

  38. So cute! My husband wears a $50 ring we found in a little jewelry store in Cape Town, South Africa – we didn’t want to spend too much because he’s always losing things! Mine, on the other hand, is a little more valuable…

    Love the fact that you are getting them custom made.

  39. Stunning. I love the plain ones so much. You must be getting so excited now! I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling!!

  40. That’s so exciting that you got to pick them out, they’re beautiful! My fiancé and I are about to do the same very soon, I can’t wait!

  41. I love your style!! The rings are beautiful!

  42. Anonymous says...

    So pretty and elegant.

  43. hooray for reclaimed gold! i’ve actually been looking for a new wedding band that i can wear comfortably around leon, and her designs are just perfect!

  44. Oh how exciting! It’s getting closer!!!

  45. we were there really early… around 7:00. we tried to eat in the back, but they told us it was too chilly, so i didn’t get a peek at the back stable open. i love that back building… such a great place to have a wedding party, huh?

  46. Congrats, Joanna! :)

  47. absolutely beautiful!!
    wow, i’m totally in love with the black diamond ring.
    i followed your link to smitten… josh and i were at frankie sputino last night too!

  48. Oh, I am so happy for you! I checked out her Etsy shop, and her jewelry is SO perfect! =D

  49. kate says...


  50. I just love simple bands. So classy. (But that’s just my humble opinion…)

  51. Such lovely choices, Joanna!

  52. the ones you chose are perfect.

  53. the ones you chose are gorgeous! i love dainty wedding bands!