Pretty Things

Oh man, I just had my first (or third) pregnancy meltdown. I got super stressed over nothing and called Alex in tears, who was very sweet and thankfully did not write me off as crazy. Pregnancy hormones can really do a number on an otherwise regular person! On a happier note, here are two pretty things I’ve been thinking about lately…

Recently I’ve seen a few women wearing simple gold wedding rings by themselves (without engagement rings). I think it’s such a chic, beautiful look, don’t you?

Also, how pretty are these braids? Perfectly messy and lovely.

(Top photo by Our Labor of Love)

  1. Yes, messy and lovely :)

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  6. Oh man those braids! I want. x

  7. pregnancy meltdown! :( never been pregnant but they sound scary, esp for an already emotional person. hope you feel better soon and congratulations on pregnancy. : )

    i love that simple gold band, and those braids make me wish i didn’t cut all my hair off.

  8. *huggles* Jo!

    Hope things are going well for you, otherwise, much love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Hang in there! Soon you’re going to have a beautiful baby!!

  10. After being married for 1 year, I stopped wearing my engagement ring… It just wasn’t appealing to me anymore (not that it wasn’t pretty). My marriage is about so much more than a silly diamond… I only wear my wedding band now – Much more demure and chic, I think!

  11. Those braids are perfect looking! I’m afraid they’d fall down so quickly in my hair, though. I love the different shades of color–looks lovely.

  12. i feel your pain sister! you are so close! xo t

  13. aww your husband seems so sweet! glad to see he made you feel better. On a sidenote, those braids are so pretty.. don’t think I would be able to do that myself though!

  14. Hi Joanna

    It’s a bit late to be commenting now but I just wanted to say that you come across as a lovely person on your blog – showing confidence of course but also vulnerability on occasion. I like the lack of narcissism too. It’s refreshing especially in the land of blogs. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. You look amazing in the photos you’ve posted and I’m sure you’ll make the best mama!

  15. Love those braids! Might copy it for my bridesmaid hairdo!

  16. I have the occasional designer meltdown when space planning is not working the way I thought it should…nothing wrong at all!
    I love wearing my husbands grandmothers gold wedding band without any other rings often…we are going to celebrate it’s anniversary of 100 years with a dinner out with wine etc on Oct 31, 2010…the ring is older than the sinking of the titanic, I mention this because his grandparents travelled on the big ships back then and when I look at my finger at the ring I think…wow the stories of the ships and paris you could tell…
    Have a wonderful day, Regards, Carol Ann

  17. Anonymous says...

    You’re the luckiest pregnant woman. I was pregnant at much younger than you, barely out of college and had no money, friend, hope, husband near and thousand of readers to share the joy & tear. If i can survive the blues anyone can.
    Cheer up!

  18. Oh if only I could braid!!! Unfortunately.. plaits are about my limit. I am so untalented in the hair department.
    Glad you have such a supportive boy looking after you and supporting you!

  19. Well, once the pregnancy meltdowns are over, you will be faced with the mommy meltdowns. Fortunatley, the bundle of love makes it all worth it! I’m glad to hear your guy is handling it so well. And those braids are tdf!

  20. aw…that sucks! at least you have a wonderful man by your side to help you through those rough days!

  21. Yes, about the gold ring – I think we need a movement of simplicity for the wedding industry! And yes, very chic!

  22. Aw, meltdowns are never fun. It’s good to know that it’s not you, and it will come to an end and result in a wonderful baby boy! Keep your chin up, pretty things do help! :) xoxo

  23. i love how her braids are two-toned!

  24. I love the single gold band. Such daintiness.

  25. Anonymous says...

    My wedding ring is a thin gold band that I wear on my left, my engagement ring is a white-gold with sapphire solitaire that I wear on my right. I love wearing gold and silver jewelry at the same time and I also love the way each ring looks on its own. Several people have asked me why I wear them “like that” LOl. Never sure what to say! But it’s nice to know other people “weird” stuff too. It’s just jewelry, right?

    Love your blog!

  26. yeah those hormones can be killer… with my first child it was uneventful and wonderful except for the mood swings and dips. I was like a cloud of grey most hours LOL.
    Good thing before you know it you would be holding your precious sweet baby.

    Love those braids… makes me wish to grow my hair or get extensions LOL

    keep good

  27. I love the gold wedding band, that’s what my Mother has, I love it, it’s classic, simple and sweet and plus less maintenance for sure!

  28. aw, these comments are SO nice! i feel so much better :)

  29. I was just looking at simple stackable bands myself the other day and posted a sweet beaded gold one. I love this look!

    I hope you are feeling well!


  30. At least you have a logical reason for a meltdown! Don’t worry, it happens to us all, pregnant or not! Hope the rest of your day is lovely… ps. love that braid!

  31. meltdowns aren’t fun, but perfectly normal. i’m 36wks along now and I’ve had really bad grumpy moments and my husband manages to turn each one into a smile. Alex sounds wonderful and you’re in good hands!

    Best of luck!

  32. oh no! meltdowns are never fun. i get them often, and i am definitely not with child. just breath. i am in love with those braids! perhaps tomorrow’s hair style? smile, we love you! xx

  33. oooh the meltdown… I have those and I”m not even pregnant. Feel better..

    I think a single band is so chic. Sometimes wearing the engagement ring on the other hand is nice too.


  34. I’m wearing my wedding band and engagement ring on different hands! At first I thought I’m crazy, but after I saw you’re doing the same, I felt so relieved! Hope you’re ok now. xo

  35. interesting.
    i have meltdown’s and i’m not pregnant.
    what’s my excuse?!

  36. Hope you feel better by now…and that little girl picture is so cute:)

    Have a nice afternoon:)

  37. I always think a good meltdown is cathartic…sometimes you just need a good cry and a hug to make you feel better! hopefully you’re feeling better now. love the simple bands…you’re right, very chic!!

  38. I got married last summer, and decided to get a gold wedding band I could wear on its own. Wearing my engagement ring not only made me nervous, but it wasn’t very comfortable to wear. People could not believe I wasn’t wearing it anymore! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one doing this.

  39. Sorry for your meltdown, but I guess that’s to be expected when you consider just what you’re in the process of right now!
    The simple wedding ring is lovely — at first I thought it was a simple, gold bangle which is one of my favorite things!

  40. Anonymous says...

    Hormones!!, such a pain in the neck!!
    Take care!!
    Gros Bisous!!!

  41. Congratulations to your pregnancy. I do hope you will a healthy cute baby.

  42. I want those braids! If I ever was to get married, I’d want my hair like that. Le sigh….

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  43. Wow! Love these braids! I’m looking for hair inspiration for my wedding day and this just seems so unfussy and sweet!

  44. oh boy… i anticipate being quite crazy when i’m pregnant. good thing i have a very patient husband! sounds like alex is a good man too!

    i love this tiny gold band. very simple and delicate. my grandmother wore a gold band, which i have now and wear almost every day. it’s a little bit thicker than this one though, but i still love it.

  45. I wear a simple gold wedding band. It seemed so pure, right and easy, just like my marriage (most of the time).

  46. Hope you are feeling better now Jo.
    Love the braids, really cool.

  47. Little meltdown is good for you, it’s very cleansing, so no worries. And on a happier note, these braids are so feminine, I wish I had long hair.

  48. I love simple gold bands, large blingy engagement rings look so naff nowadays,

  49. I’m going to forward this post to my best friend Sal who wears a simple gold band.

  50. Love those rings!! :) And glad you’re feeling better!

  51. My mums wedding band is similar – and oddly enough I was trying it on last night! How odd!?

    ck :) x

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  53. ahhh, lovely joanna. you will also get this afterwards, everyone does. so never worry about being crazy.

  54. aaand, the little child picture is adorable! that little face is so precious!

  55. I’m so sorry you had a little meltdown! You have such a great husband to be so understanding! I too have noticed some simple gold bands and thought they were so classy! How funny! A trend must be arising. I am in love with those braids as well! I’ll have to try them out on my own tangled hair!

  56. sorry to hear about the mini meltdown Joanna, good to hear Alex is so understanding! I can’t relate as I’ve never been pregnant, but I have meltdowns on the regular..a good cry usually sorts me out! Love the braids too, wish I had enough hair to pull the look off!

  57. that is some great wedding hair, right there. imagining a simple slip or a-line tunic dress to match.

  58. You need meltdowns, they help keep you sane. If you don’t let them out, you’ll definitely go insane… so let it flow, girl! :)

    (and thank goodness for wonderful husbands!)

  59. my mom has been wearing a single gold skinny band for 32 years. my dad has too actually. he wears a woman’s gold band just like my mom’s because she hates big man rings. plus they match – it’s cute.

  60. I have rocked the wedding band only (mine is a dark grey titanium). I love the look and the practicality. Any time I wear anything that, I don’t know, pokes out, it drives me nuts getting soap in it etc. Simple and chic all the way!

  61. hey, I love your blog! I wear only a golden wedding ring, it’s nice :) and ya, preggo meltdowns… lol..
    Have fun :)

  62. Joanna I love those braids!

    But I actually commented because I found a new blog I’m obsessed with. It will make you THAT much more excited about having children :] not that you need any more inspiration. but I thought you’d love it! Very motivational mom.

  63. Yikes Stripes! Don’t let the mood swings get you down. Just imagine your wee babe at the end of it all… And gently suggest to Alex you’d like one of those adorable rings for bearing your children! tee hee

  64. All the joys of pregnancy :) The ring is lovely, so simple and sweet.

  65. pregnancy sucks, but it doesn’t last forever and then you get a baby, which rocks.

    what also rocks?

    that little wedding band and those awesome braids.

    rocking rocks.

  66. Nature of pregnancy… Cute ring!

  67. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the meltdown! I have no advice to offer as I have not reached that stage in my life yet…possibly some delicious ciao bella?
    On a happy note, I love wearing just my skinny wedding band! Out of necessity (the shape!), I’ve had to wear my vintage inspired e-ring on my right hand, and it’s kind of become my signature :)

  68. Love the simple rings.
    Since moving to NYC I don’t wear my diamond ring as much. I bought silver stackable rings like you showed here in gold. I have 6 of them. One for each member that makes up our entire family. I love it.

  69. awww, bless. glad you’re feeling a bit better now!

  70. Anonymous says...

    You are a lovely person! We all have meldowns!

  71. embrace the crazy.. it is the one time in your life that you can have a meltdown w/o people judging your sanity!! Hope you’re all better now. :]

  72. thanks for all these incredibly sweet comments. am feeling much better now after dinner :) you are all so wonderful.

  73. What if I’m having these meltdowns and I’m not pregnant? Uh-oh.

  74. I really love the idea of the solo wedding band. I actually have a vintage engagement ring, and because of its vertical shape, I won’t be able to wear a wedding band with it.

    My jeweler shared with me that in the time my ring was fashionable, women would switch their engagement rocks to their right ring finger and wear the band (single) on their left. I’ve really warmed up to the idea, as it allows both pieces to “shine” autonomously.


    All this is Grace and Charm

  75. i LOVE the simple wedding band look – i mean, we all love a little bling ;), but a simple band is so lovely!

    and i lovelove messy braids :)

  76. preggo hormones will pass & you’ll return to normal again! in the meantime, thank goodness for understanding hubbies :]

    ps. that first pic from OLOL melts my heart.

  77. It happens I am sure. Although I can’t say from experience. I have had my share of hormonal meltdowns. Love the braids. A simple gold band is so pretty.

  78. In my country the tradition is that you wear your engagement ring until you have a special ceremony in which someone (a priest, for example) blesses the wedding bands and then both bride and groom start wearing them on their right hand. Then, on the day of the wedding, they change them to the left hand, and many many married women will usually wear the band but not the ring on most days (dangerous country to be showing off diamonds, too).
    Hope you feel better after your meltdown.

  79. aww. at least you have pregnancy as a excuse! i have meltdowns and can only blame it on pms!

  80. my mother has always just worn a gold band! i think it’s chic, too.

  81. I love to wear just my wedding band…I have been hinting that I would like a plain rose gold ring…maybe I’ll get one for our anniversary?

  82. I never wear my engagement and wedding rings together; I prefer how each one looks on its own . . . And pregnancy meltdowns do have an end in sight, happily!

  83. Oh, I sympathize. My husband and I were working for the same company when I was pregnant, and I can’t count how many times I hauled him out of his office out to the parking lot so I could have a meltdown. (because of course I couldn’t do it alone, I had to have a witness and then a hug after…)

    Hope you feel better!

  84. I have a simple gold band as my wedding ring, only it’s white gold. I love it.

    P.S. Preggers means you’re going to lose it from time to time. It’s so normal.

  85. Love the ring! Simple and classic.
    Sorry about the meltdown. I’m having one myself today…no pregnancy, but a trying three year old. Sounds like we both need ice cream. It makes everything better!

  86. i adore the gold band. and have always thought that is what i want…simplicity. no big fanfare.
    hope you’re feeling better!!

  87. i own that very ring! and yes, the most gorgeous braid. :)

  88. Oh I am so sorry about the hormones. They do such insane things to you. It isn’t enough that you are growing a baby (the enormity of that cannot be overstated) and you can’t sleep and your joints ache and you can’t drink (that much) or have runny yummy cheeses (that much) and that you are worrying over all of the little things and wondering and dreaming and worrying and on top off all that your body won’t let the small things roll off your back. It seems completely unfair. Hang in there! Iced coffee and trashy television worked wonders for me. And that peppermint lotion from Burts Bee – cooling and lovely.

  89. if i had it to do over i would forgo the diamond and just have the band… it isn’t very original and after reading up on the diamond trade… yikes!

  90. Hi Joanna,

    Don’t worry about the meltdown, it happens to everyone. The important thing is that you’ve got a good supportive man to support you no matter what. Which it seems that you do!

    Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy!

    Anna xx

    PS. I just put a post up about an online shop that I think you might love…

  91. Thank you for sharing both with us: your feelings and what makes you happier. I love those simple bands. They make me want to wear yellow gold again.

  92. So sorry about all the emotions! I’m sure it’ll all be worth it once you are holding your little guy. Where is the braid picture from? I need to learn how to do my hair like that!

  93. I have meltdowns even when I am not pregnant…
    Little sleep when the children´s are small makes it happen allllllll the time:)
    But then happiness is right in front of you again and again:)

  94. Ah pregnancy meltdowns..Yeah I had MANY of them! I remember being at work (I work with people who have dementia-I take care of 11 people) and literally having to call someone to come relieve me so I could go out to my car and cry..Oh and one night, I couldn’t sleep and all I could do was cry (in the words of Oprah it was the “ugly cry”) and my hubby woke up and poor guy didn’t know what to do with me!

  95. Oh preggo hormones. I’ve been good until today!! Wonder if its bc the countdown is on? I’ve got 5 weeks to go and the “lists” just don’t stop!! Ah, poor husband.

  96. I will be trying those braids first thing in the morning!! Thanks for the idea!

  97. such pretty braids. i love.

  98. The ring picture over the braids looks like she has a halo ;)

    Meltdowns will get better! At least you realize them for what they are & don’t freak out! Your man sounds like a trooper!

  99. I told my fiance that I am not interested in an engagement ring. I’ve decided to go old school. Back in the day in Greece the wedding band would be worn as an engagement ring on the left hand and then moved to the right hand as a wedding ring during the ceremony. The wedding ring is worn on the right hand.
    I’m all about braids for my wedding. Love them!

    I’m sorry about your hormonal craziness. Its so wonderful being a woman, but not always easy! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly! :)

  100. I feel like a good meltdown is totally cathartic, I hope yours made you feel better, not worse!

    I love super simple rings, LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    And braids are my signature hairstyle, so I love seeing new (and super cute!) ways of doing them, thanks!

  101. I love the simple wedding band! It’s perfectly symbolic of the meaning of a wedding. I’d much rather have that than a huge diamond! So much classier.

  102. This happens to me although I can’t use pregnancy as an excuse..

    The braids are beautiful! x

  103. Sorry about the meltdown…it happens to everyone (as you know). It just doesn’t feel like it at the time. Have a good, deep breathing kind of evening.


    susan & julie the cat