Who Would You Want in the Room When You’re Giving Birth?

Who would you want in the room when you’re giving birth? Alex and I wanted to be alone because I like complete quiet when concentrating. In college, I was one of those people who couldn’t study with music playing; and I felt the same way about keeping our hospital room mellow during labor.

Who would you want in the room with you? Your mom? Your dad? Your best friend? Everyone? Just your spouse? Is there anyone you really wouldn’t want there? I’d love to hear…

P.S. How to make a baby.

(Photo by Thierry Bouët of brand new babies)

  1. This won’t succeed as a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I consider.

  2. Anonymous says...

    As we live far away from any family, it would just be my husband who is also a doctor (and has assisted deliveries before), so it’s doubly comforting.
    I think even if family was nearby I would still only want my husband to be with me, as well as a midwife, so that my husband can stay with me the whole time.

  3. Going in, I thought we would call all four grandparents. Then it was just me, my husband and the midwife (in a birth center). After we arrived and settled in, I knew I wanted it to stay just like that. We never invited anyone else. Our midwife called a nurse to join in after I started pushing. It was the perfect scene for us.

  4. I’m brazilian. My labor was very fast (I arrived at the hospital at 4:00 am with 4 fingers ). My parents live in other city and had fly tickets for the next day. Then There were only my husband and I. It was really calm and fast. I took the anesthesia after 1 hour that I was in the hospital… My doctor was in the beach and only arrived on time to the birth. I only did two pushes and baby was born.

  5. I’m pregnant with my first, and it will be me and my husband, and possibly my older sister. Mostly because I need attention :) and need a backup in case my husband faints.

  6. For as far as I know, you are only allowed with your spouse (or 1 other person) at my country. I actually don’t know exactly since I’ve never given birth…
    But I know that all my friends, family, colleagues only have given birth alone with their spouse in the room.


  7. Only my hubby will be in the room when the twins are born! No one else needs to be there to experience our little family meeting. I’ll be missing our teeny tiny 22.5 month old, but I think that might freak her out a little if she cries when I get an ultrasound!

  8. I didn’t want anyone but my husband once I was actually ready to give birth. I wanted to quiet but also I wanted it to be just us when we met our baby for the first time. It was so amazing and personal and intense. I just remember looking up and seeing her and then my husband cut the cord. wow. It’s not something that I will ever, ever forget. the whole thing was very quiet and surreal. it was a perfect moment for us and we’re the only ones we know who shared it. with my doctor and labor nurse of course:)

  9. I had my bf and I would have loved to have him and my sister. I was actually quite upset about the fact she could not have been there.

    If I ever end up doing this thing again I would want my bf and my sister to be there

    In Croatia where I come from you dont have a choise as you cant take anyone with you. Only at certain hospitals you cna bring your partner.

  10. There’s an episode of Roseanne about this exact issue, where Jackie has to pick between having Roseanne or the baby’s father in the room when the baby is born. The episode is called “Labor Day,” and the entire episode can be watched on Youtube. Cute and funny.

  11. Anyone who will forgive me if I’m accidentally mean to them. Just kidding. Kind of.
    I would love to have my dr, my husband, my mom, and my friend Starr, who is sweet, wonderful, and was a labor & delivery tech.

  12. veli says...

    I am probably the only woman in the world whose father-in-law was present. He is an OBGYN and sat *off to the side.*

    For me, it was a really positive experience. Not only did he make it easy for us and the medical staff to communicate, I think his presence really calmed my husband.

    I like to think that my son was born with two important men in his life to welcome him to the world. I hope as he grows up hearing the story, he will think of childbirth as a male experience as much as a female one.