1. Awesome Ice creams! I wonder if you have more designs like this one!

  2. I love them, they are a very nice idea!!

  3. These Popsicle molds will keep the kids happy (both big and small)!

  4. Wow! They look awesome, great find!

  5. Right… just a small detail I overlooked, Jo! Probably for the best. Winesicles could be dangerous:)

  6. Popsicles! Definitely a summer treat!

  7. Anonymous says...

    The last one is actually a robot mould but I can see how it looks like a castle. Still fun for the summer!

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  9. The rocket reminds me of the ice cream man! Yummy.

  10. Yummy! The best thing about ice blocks is that they’re healthy and refreshing.
    It’s really cold in Australia, so instead of munching on ice blocks we’re rugging up in hoodies and track pants.
    We love your blog Joanna! It’s so inspiring. We’d love to see how you keep active in your Summer?
    Lorna Jane Active

  11. These are so adorable! I want to get some so I can cool off on the back porch this summer!

  12. the robot is adorable! i would make watermelon popsicles in it!

  13. oh my, that sailboat one is too cute!! how fun for summer.

  14. These are too cool!

  15. That’s what I say, you’re never too old. Awesome stuff! (Now, I’m craving a popsicle)

  16. love these so cute! my brothers would love these

  17. It’s totally too hot to be outside today! That watermelon sailboat pop looks like heaven right about now. xo Lola

  18. so jealous of the heat! LA feels like the less-cool San Francisco these days, with the mopey weather. What rad molds! Some gorgeous stone fruits are starting to show up in the market–maybe pureed nectarines & creme fraiche popsicles! mmm.

  19. Popsicles are so much fun to make & eat during the HOT summer months :)

  20. I cannot even take the heat! Thank goodness my office building cranks up the A/C so high that I’m actually cold. These poppies look delish. (I still call ’em poppies:)

    BTW: My word verification is “Zinifull.” NOT that I’d EVER drink White Zin, but wouldn’t WINE POPSICLES be a fantastic idea?! That’s IT! I’m going to make some this weekend. Stay tuned!

  21. I love them!!!!

  22. raining in california! i thought that never happened! :)

  23. It seems like the weather changes so fast there! 98 degrees!!? Stay cool :)

  24. that castle mold popsicle is awesome!

  25. the sailboat is my favorite :)

  26. Oooh, I love the sailing one! Admittedly, I have a penchant for boats…


  27. So funny!! I want it!!

  28. Just made a huge amount of strawberry ice cream, I wish I had these!

  29. Awsome!! I am going online to buy something like that!!

  30. What is this!? I’m in Cali and it is drizzling…major June gloom!! Wish I could be making some ice cream. Instead I am remembering a recent trip to Capri (check out my photos!)

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  31. Anonymous says...

    Awesome! I especially love the sailboat. I just tried making sorbet in my ice cream maker. It is delicious and SO easy. Only water, sugar and fruit.

  32. stefany, me too — on amazon, it says it’s a robot, but it’s definitely a castle, right? :)

  33. I love love LOVE the castle one! :)

  34. These are some pretty fun popsicles! Nothing says summer like a hot afternoon and a yummy popsicle!

    And now that Toby’s getting to be a mature toddler, he might need some new decor for his space? Doing a giveaway on my blog today that you might like!

    Enjoy your popsicles!

  35. WOW ITS SO HOT!! I should be grateful for 32 degree celcious weather in Malaysia then ;)

  36. Never too old, so true! I always feel like I’m on vacation when I have a popsicle:)

  37. I love the sailboat one! Now this is giving me a craving for fudgescicles with peanut butter (guilty pleasure).