Avocado Popsicles

Yesterday we made our first batch of summer popsicles, and, inspired by the new popsicle cookbook Paletas, we made two awesome flavors: avocado (!) and Greek yogurt with blackberry.
The avocado popsicle was surprisingly sweet and refreshing…
…and the Greek yogurt with blackberry popsicle was creamy and tart.
Here are the recipes, if you’d like to try them out. Enjoy!

(Photos by our summer babysitter Sophie Mathewson, who just happens to be a photographer!)

  1. The link to the recipes doesn´t work… please! I need the recipes!!!

  2. Yummy!

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  4. stopping over from pinterest- curious to know what else went in the avacado pops- these are beautiful! and I bet tasty!

  5. I made the yoghurt ice lollies last week and posted a couple of pictures here
    Thanks for sharing the recipes!

  6. Erin says...

    I tried both recipes this week! they are absolutely delicious … and adorable. the avocado one, especially! so creamy! what a treat!

  7. Funny story, when I used to babysit the kids I watched turned me on to avocado popsicles. They were 4 and 2 respectively, and when they asked me to try it I turned my nose up to the idea (and I’m supposed to be the adult). Turns out, they’re amazing! I forgot about them since but I’ll have to test out your recipe!

  8. This looks delicious! I must try it!

    Thanks! And wishing you a lovely day!
    Rambles with Reese

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

  10. Here in Brazil we eat avocado with sugar too, it’s just another fruit to us. We have ice cream, popsicles, we blend it with milk and sugar and drink it. It’s funny (and kind of puzzling) to read the comments in this post. Is it really THAT weird? The only time I ate avocado as salad was on a mexican restaurant…

  11. I’m both freaked out and totally intrigued by the avocado popsicles …

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  12. YUM. avocado? who knew. i bet they’re super creamy and delicious.

  13. Those sound delicious and sooo refreshing!!

  14. I made these last night for a movie night with friends, and they were a huge hit!! I was so surprised and delighted by the avocado– I will definitely make them again (and maybe just for myself).

  15. wow! these look amazing! thanks for sharing!

  16. i’m gonna try to make the avocado popsicle! thanks for the recipe :)

  17. Sophie says...

    Mmh, that looks delicious!

    I love home-made popsicles; it’s the time of the season :)

  18. when i was younger, my grandma would always freeze avocados, sugar and milk in cups. oh, memories. always loved it.. my boyfriend says it sounds weird. he doesn’t know what hes missing ;)

  19. a little chilly in the netherlands to be eating that now.. hopefully the weather will warm up to eat these!

  20. So buying popsicle moulds this summer when I’m home!

  21. I think I’ll be trying the avocado popsicle especially. And its nice knoewing yours turned out well.

  22. yum, alina, a milkshake sounds delicious!

  23. Looks delicious! All we need here in the Pacific NW is some more sun and I’ll be ready make these delicious treats.

  24. Alina says...

    How funny that you posted this (relatively) soon after my roommate took a frozen avocado milkshake out of the freezer! I am definitely inspired to try this, even though I am not a popsicle person. Thank you!

  25. They look yummy!!! =D

  26. I cannot wait to try these recipes!!! I just wish it would heat up a little bit here in Seattle!

  27. Oh these look so good. Wish I could have had these yesterday it was SO HOT!

  28. Avocado popsicle… wowza! So a back story: I’m an east coast girl who moved to California as an adult and never ever ate an avocado before I moved here. A terrible confession, I know, but it’s very true. Now I eat avocados nearly daily and have friends who own avocado orchards so…score! There is a town about 15 miles south of us wherein, each year, they celebrate with an avocado festival. They have vats of guacamole and avocado ice cream. But, you know what? I haven’t eaten any thing out of those vats because it creeps me out to think of all those communal hands double dipping. Surely they violate a good 27 health codes, but one day I hope to brave the avocado ice cream vat- just for a taste of its awesomeness. Meantime… I’ll be making these popsicles (thank you for sharing!)

  29. yum, what genius flavors! I made popsicles instead of cake for my birthday this year–whole fruit raspberry, kiwi, and watermelon. They were awesome and definitely have me going on a popsicle kick…can’t wait to try out the greek yogurt one! thanks joanna!

  30. these look so yummy!!

  31. Those look amazing! I’m definitely going to try the avo recipe. Here’s another unusual summer recipe that I tried – Watermelon & paneer curry. It’s delish!

  32. we went to a vietnamese restaurant here in barcelona and had avocado ice-cream for our first time! we learned that in vietnam, they eat avocado with sugar, and the owner explained he thought it was so strange when he saw people put salt on it in the u.s.! anyway, it was so smooth and delicious!
    the blackberry ones looks delicious!!

  33. I could really use a greek yogurt with blackberry popsicle right about now.

  34. They interviewed the author on Martha Stewart radio the other day. After hearing about this book, I have to go get it this weekend. Avocado sounds delish!

  35. The kids I nanny love avocado, so I am really intrigued by this!

  36. Amazing! That combines two of my favorite parts of summer: popsicles and avocados! I had been planning on trying to find some sort of sugar-free homemade popsicles, but I think I’ll make an exception :)

  37. Avocado popcicle?!?
    Not normally something I’d think of eating…but intriguing….

  38. It looks so yummy!
    Have a lovely week end!

  39. I too would love to know what popsicle molds you use and how you like them!

    Just got the sail boat and rocket ones you posted the other day lol, but could use some basic ones too

  40. Hi Joanna, thanks again for a great week of posts! I am going to check out this Popsicle recipe at some point this summer…well, it’s always summer out here in Malaysia! What a nice way to cool down with homemade desserts. Have a great weekend!
    Grace at

  41. Joanna, where did you get your molds? I prefer using a traditional wooden stick (like you did) as opposed to the plastic ones.

  42. Yum! I love that you have a greek yogurt popsicle too. Its too healthy to not find such creative uses!

  43. Avocado, huh? I don’t know about that. Did you go to Mitchell’s when you were in San Francisco? Because they have the most amazing flavors (mexican chocolate being my favorite) but they also do all kinds of tropical fruits and avocado too. I’ve always been suspicious of that though. You’re brave and adventurous for trying it. Greek yogurt and blackberry on the other hand, that I could totally get behind. Yum

  44. Thank you for these recipes! How sweet are you. Have a lovely, sunny weekend! xo Lola

  45. The blackberry one looks SO good. I am drooling!

  46. I have a feeling I would really love the avocado. This is getting bookmarked, for sure!

  47. yes! I love this cookbook! I recently made the mango chile popsicles and they were a hit.

  48. I actually made a frozen yogurt of sorts yesterday
    Greek yogurt, cardamom and stevia to taste with Ice…
    All part of competition dieting and training. It was delish.

    It tasted like kulfi which is an indian dessert that I love!

  49. Wow, would have never thought avocado would make a good popsicle, but those look delish!

  50. I want to try both! Avocado! I had never imagined this flavour!

  51. Hi Joanna,

    Can I ask what popsicle molds that you used? Been searching for some!


  52. i bought popsicle molds last week and didn’t use them yet. i’m so making the blackberry ones today! yay! thank you!! <3

  53. Those look fantastic! I might have to buy that book.

  54. wow, i gotta try these recipes! esp the avocado one. thanks for sharing such delightful treats!

  55. maybe coat the avocado one in ground up tortilla chips (tortilla powder)?

  56. wow!!
    they are so tempting. sometimes i just eat the avocado right away. just crop it with spoon, put them in a glass or bowl, pour some sugar and chocolate flavoured carnation milk. yummy

  57. ahhh I’m affraid. the avacado sounds interesting and I LOVE berries.. so maybe I need to man up and get my avocado on?

  58. Jo! We need a Father’s day gift round up!!!

    :) xoxo

  59. haha, yes, toby tried both — he LOVED the avocado, and thought the greek one was too tart. :)

  60. Wow! I want to try it! The one with the blackberries seem delicious!!

  61. Homemade avocado ice cream is one of my absolute fave’s!!!

  62. Those look just as tasty for the eyes as they do for the mouth. I have some greek yogurt that is going to be repurposed this weekend :) Thanks for the recipe!

  63. Anonymous says...

    Gorgeous photos, Sophie!! Did Toby try a popsicle?

  64. lotta, how tragic to be allergic to avocados! :)

  65. haha, kms, the credit all goes to sophie! :)

  66. we’re about to make watermelon pops here in our house. your popsicles look incredible –uber professional! perhaps this is your new calling in life, joanna! (: xo.

  67. Thanks for the avocado recipe! My mom loves avocado and I absolutely have to send this to her..unfortunately I’m allergic, but I just might have a taste anyway :)

  68. i’m all for the avocado popsicle- sounds creamy + delicious :) i’d like to try mixing it with fruits. i can’t wait to try a prosecco + peach popsicle recipe that i’ve been holding on to.

  69. Oh my….

  70. Looks delicious…and very nice photos Sophie!

  71. Im going to try that this sunday! love the colours :)

  72. YUM! Totes trying the avocado one.
    I love that your babysitter is also a photographer…you hit the babysitter jackpot!

  73. These will be just right for the hot, humid weather that we have here, all year round. The avocado one sounds ultra delicious!

  74. I want the avocado right now

  75. How unique! These sound so yummy, thanks for sharing Joanna!


  76. Those are also very pretty. (I like Sophie’s blog, btw).

    Just need to pick up some berries & I can make these. I’ll have to fashion something around the kitchen as a mold, but I’m fairly confident I can find something.


  77. ooh these look delish! i’m curious about the avocado one so that’s first on my list to try this weekend! X

  78. H. says...

    Those look delicious! I’m definitely going to have to try making these!


  79. I was thinking of getting a popsicle mold because every year I regret not buying one while I melt in the summer heat. Definitely more healthy than eating ice cream!

  80. Oh, this just made my summer a few points more awesome!

  81. Well now those just look delicious!! I absolutely am going to make yogurt pops this weekend…don’t know if I’m brave enough for avocado!


  82. I love avocados so I’m totally trying that recipe this weekend! Thanks, Joanna and have a great Friday:)

  83. the blackberry popsicle looks A-MAZ-ING!

  84. bethany, that sounds amazing! and michelle, truly, they were SO. GOOD. really sweet and creamy.

  85. hmm. I don’t know about avocado but the yogurt & berries look delicious!

  86. Sally says...

    Uh, you should try this out – soo simple, sooo good!;
    – 2 advocados
    – 1 cup of milk
    – 2-3 table spoons sugar
    – 5 ice cubes
    HOW TO: Put it in a blender! Eat it! YUM!! A traditional Philippine recipe ;)

  87. Those sound amazing. I don’t usually crave popsicles, but I’ve been eating like 3 a day with it so hot outside this week. I’m definitely going to try these recipes!