1. This is so sad! I don’t think it is funny at all and I have children.

  2. I recommend hiding it, though. My friend’s first grader read it at someone’s house and got in big trouble when she taught the f-word to all her friends at school. Whoops!!

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  4. I saw this last week, when a single friend of mine sent me a youtube link. It is Samuel L. Jackson reading this book! Hilarious!!

  5. Betsy says...

    I guess I don’t really get it.

    I noticed the dearth of comments on this post (comparatively) and wonder if others feel the same way. Usually there are so many comments, and from such diverse perspectives. I really enjoy Cup of Jo and that it is thoughtful and culls such a variety of readers who share their comments.

    As always, thanks for sharing something interesting and thought-provoking! (Though the colored jeans for men post got a much more animated conversation going at our house last night than this book did!)

  6. Nowwww I know what to give all my pregnant friends… and hope that someone gives me when that time comes–we’re uncertain when. Sometimes we think we should wait, sometimes we’re ready.

  7. Val says...

    Oh dear…my 6 year old still wakes up in the middle of the night wondering what she’ll wear next day or just because she wants to have a chat with me (always with me). Of course she cries “mom” and hubby never notices the screams. To put it in her own words, “sleeping is a waste of time, because all you can do while you’re at it is…sleep! and there are so many other (way more interesting) things to do….”.
    Of course, it is fantastic to look at your kid smiling at you with bright eyes…but not so fantastic when it’s 2 in the morning!!!!

  8. Anonymous says...

    I think this is awful. Do all of you parents really want your kids talking like that? I am no prude, but this just blows me away. Joanna, I LOVE your blog, but I will be the first to say that this just makes me sad.

  9. Loving this. Perfect chrimbo pres for a few of my friends!

  10. Okay I visit here frequently but never comment, had to tell you tho that this frickin cracked me up!! Brilliant….

  11. This is great, my cousin just had her first baby and I am highly contemplating getting this for her!

  12. i could have used this last night!

  13. LOL! this just made me laugh out loud…and i can’t say this thought doesn’t cross my mind regularly :)

  14. So excellent.
    This one’s a good chaser to Goodnight Moon.

  15. simply the best

  16. Hehe! Awesome!

    Marla Frazee’s “The Boss Baby” is another good “kids book,” although much milder than this by comparison (and also really for kids!)!

  17. Anonymous says...

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  18. omg hilarious!

  19. LOL i love this!!!!!!!

  20. AHAAHAAAAHAAA! If only all parenting books were this honest.

  21. I really hope this would give way to baby’s first phrase: “f*cking naps”


  22. Holy cow–That is hilarious! Hahaha—What a great gift for my sister-in-law–so funny. She is pregnant with her 4th. You think she knows what sleep is?

  23. OMG that cracks me up. Especially since my 11 month old was up ALL night long.

  24. omg, it’s the funniest thing. want to get it for every baby shower! :)

  25. My husband and I were just looking at this on amazon last night and debating ordering it for our 5 week old :) This child NEVER sleeps.