Cup-of-Jo Gift Guide Part #3: Your Twin Sister Who Loves Hiking by the Ocean and Wept When She First Met Your Baby.

Wool mittens, handmade in Brooklyn, $45. (There are sold out, but here’s a similar pair).

A candle that smells like the seashore, $30. (You could wrap it in this cute tote.)

Peanut-butter-and-jelly rugelach cookies, made by the two adorable sisters above, $20 (about 24 pieces).

Kneepad tights to show off her cute quirkiness, $35.

Lavender sachets (inspired by vintage seed packs) for her dresser drawers, $19.

A silk friendship bracelet, because you’re not just sisters, $38.

P.S. More gifts for sisters

  1. L-O-V-E the anchor cards :)


  2. courtney, that is so sweet!!! i’m excited for you.

    and that’s a cute point, kaela :)

  3. lovely gift ideas

  4. I just ordered a friendship bracelet for my bestie since I’m twelve. Thank you for such a perfect, perfect gift idea.

  5. This is so sweet! I am also a twin- it’s the best :)

  6. kaela d says...

    love the mittens : ) i like that they force us into the past….no texting on your smart phone is a good thing every now and then.

  7. I live in CT, but am from eastern Canada, and just getting ready to take my baby girl home for the first time (she is a month or so younger than Toby)…not gonna lie, I teared up at the title of this gift guide. I’m so excited to see my sister’s reaction when she sees her niece for the first time! :)

  8. my karate kicks were not awkward.

  9. I’m loving these gift guides! Thank you!! So fun!

  10. yes, anna, it was so sweet! stephanie, dad is coming up soon!! and tiffany, i so agree, being a twin is the best :) xoxo

  11. Love the mittens and the anchor note cards…. And the lavender sachets!

  12. love this post! Beautiful things!

  13. my twin sister is sometimes the easiest person to buy for and at other times, like this year, the hardest person to buy for.
    regardless… being a twin is so fun and so special and so unique!
    isn’t it the best!?

  14. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say for dad’s. Because I am STUMPTED!

  15. I’ll have to play the part of my own twin sister since I a) don’t have one and b) must have those kneepad tights! Beautiful and sweet selections : )

  16. This picture of the 2 sisters is priceless…so cute ! And I love your last comment on the friendship bracelets because you’re not just sisters, so true… xx

  17. I love…all! Thank you!

  18. So sweet that she cried when first seeing Toby. I can still remember holding my sister’s babies for the first time.:-)
    As always great finds. You make the best lists – I made my own this year, so know how much work it is! Thanks for taking the time.

  19. No sisters but I have some sweet and lovely girlfriends that certainly fit the bill. I’m dying to get my hands on this seashore smelling candle! And that vase is just too cute!

  20. maggie says...

    love all!

  21. My little sister is in the process of moving back to the East Coast from California, so the keeping-warm items and that seashore candle would be so perfect for her!

  22. thanks for your note, bethany! i have a tight budget myself for gifts, so i always keep costs in mind on my gift guide posts, and i keep almost everything under $50 (and usually under $30). but thanks for your feedback!

  23. Love the kneepad tights! So cute!!

  24. How sweet are those friendship bracelets! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ones for my girlfriends this year!

  25. i don’t even like PB&J but those croissant cookies look so damn good! and the silk friendship bracelet is a great idea. i love your holiday gift guide posts!


  26. love those friendship bracelets!! perfect for sisters!

  27. Jo, love your blog. I always find inspiration here. You have some really great gift ideas that I can find ways to translate to my budget. Still, seeing the price tags on some of these is just another reminder for some that we’re not made of money.
    $38 for a friendship bracelet we could make ourselves?
    This is less like “wow! what a great item to save for!” and more like “even if I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t spend all of it on a single pair of mittens…”

  28. haha, gangsta bride, i love that! we used to fight when we were little and did really awkward karate kicks.

  29. awww friendship bracelets :) so simple but thoughtful.

  30. i have fraternal twin girls that are two years old and i can only wish that they grow into grateful and creative sisters like you and your twin! great gift ideas too!

  31. I wish I had a sister! I really like the idea of a seashore candle :)


  32. Great gift ideas! Those pb&j rugelach cookies are calling my name!

  33. Ok. Now I need the rugelach. Holy moly. PB and J?

    And sisters are amazing creatures. I get to see mine in 3 weeks. And her daughter, who looks at me in such a strange way as if she thinks that I am some mutant of her mommy. I love it.

  34. i think my fav. part about this post is that she wept when she met toby! oh, so sweet!

  35. Thanks, Joanna, love this list. Esp. the knee-pads tights!

  36. want those cookies right now!

  37. Ooh. My sister – who is not my twin but also loves hiking by the ocean – would love the regelach cookies. I adore the gift guides so much and get several ideas from them! PS: I also love the description of who the gifts are for :)

  38. thanks for these sweet comments! hugs, anna! :)

  39. I have to agree that I love the guides, but the titles are the best! It’s so nice to have a sister! I always end up getting the most presents for mine :)

  40. okay that’s a lot of ‘loves’

  41. I love this one, especially the title, what a sweet description. my favorite is the silk friendship bracelet, i love how it updates an old classic. would love to give these to all my best friends

  42. I don’t have a twin sister… but I know my younger sister would love any one of these.


  43. Those mittens are beautiful. I hope my sisters are reading this, too!

  44. Aww those mittens are so sweet! I dont have a sister but my best friend would love them:) Great ideas:) Thanks! Btw: so sweet that you share such a lovely bond with her:)

  45. love the mittens! and i want that candle.

  46. your picks are always awesome, but i think my absolute favorite part of this series is your wonderful titles. LOVE them.

    hugs to you Joanna!

  47. Cute!!! Love the pic of those sisters – too adorable.