My sweets, hope you had a wonderful weekend! The weather was sunny and crisp — the perfect fall day — so we went on a little Sunday picnic. We popped Toby in the Ergo and walked over to the beautiful grassy piers on the Hudson River. I thought Toby looked like a wrestler in his hoodie sweater and cap.

Alex had packed the food and surprised me with shrimp cocktail, which felt hilariously fancy and delicious on an otherwise random picnic.

Toby was enthralled with Alex, as per usual.

These days, Toby finds the following things funny: fake accents, bicycling his legs, kissing one cheek over and over, and scatting. (For real — so much so that I bought this book:)

Our friend Rachel stopped by to say hello with her adorable dog Winston. Alex grew up with dogs and now misses playing with them, so he was psyched to roughhouse with a big lab.

Then Rachel and I chatted, Toby stared at trees, and Alex and Winston stood for a while looking over the water. Alex told me later that he loving just standing next to a dog.

It was a great, restorative day, especially after last week! Hope you had good weekends, too. xoxo