Happy Birthday, Alex!

Dear Alex,

Happy birthday! We love you to pieces! You make us laugh, give pitch-perfect advice, and cook up the most delicious pasta Bolognese (with capers!). You’re hilarious to gossip with and such a joy to confide in. It’s awesome that every TV show you watch includes the words “Mega Disaster” or “Haunted History,” and I know that you secretly want to shave your beard sometimes but I love that you never do (thank you).

We feel so lucky to be your family.

Joanna + Toby
P.S. See you tonight!

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  3. I’m a little late on this but Happy Birthday you sweet boy!

  4. so sweet! happy belated birthday Alex!

  5. that is quite possibly the cutest baby ever!!! commercial that kid out!

  6. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Day!!! Love the picture of you and your son!

  7. wonderful father-son photos. reminding me to take more of my husband and little guy.

  8. my husband’s birthday is the 26th too! Must be a good day. :)
    Hope Alex had a great birthday.

  9. somehow i missed the birthday blog so I’m wishing you a happy birthday now. it looks like you had a good one.

  10. Happy Birthday Alex! (Also, PS. Joanna, these are simply lovely photos! Did you take them?)


  11. happy birthday to alex! I’m an october baby too – such a fun time of year :)

  12. Those Oct 26th babies are the best! It was my sweetie’s birthday as well and every year he gets better and better. Hope you had a wonderful celebration. ( I love your cheery heartfelt blog)

  13. Happy Birthday Mr.Cup of Jo. Have a fabulous one. xx

    PS. I’m in love with Toby’s eyebrows.

  14. Feliz Cumpleaños Alex!!!!
    joanna you’re very very sweet!!
    Love pics… Toby looks like his father!!

  15. Very sweet post. My hubby is my best friend in the whole world and I love that. Sounds like you two are the same. Also, what an adorable little boy you have there. LOVE his eyebrows:)


    The Cheeky Cafe

  16. Mo says...

    Aww, such a sweet letter and lovely pic! It’s my brother’s birthday also, guess great guys are born on 10/26!

    p.s. keep the beard!!!

  17. Happy Birthday, Alex!!! Toby is just ridiculously adorable – I can’t wait to meet him and hopefully see you both soon! xoxo.

  18. Very sweet. That Toby of yours is soo cute. I love his rosy cheeks and he is getting so big.

  19. PS- That little guy of yours is too cute!

  20. Happy Bday Alex. Toby is such a cutey!

  21. Happy birthday, Alex! (All of the cool people have birthdays in October -mines this Saturday :D)

  22. This post made me *almost* cry. I am a regular visitor but a very rare commenter! Such a sweet, sweet family.

  23. happy birthday to alex! that note was so sweet joanna — and i can relate to the last bit, i know my alex sometimes gets the urge to shave his beard but he knows how much i love it, too! :) (don’t you think stubble is so icky!? i can’t stand it!)

  24. Happy Birthday, ALex!!!!!!!!!! I miss you guys!

  25. Happy Birthday Alex!

  26. Is it weird that I sort of feel like I know Alex after reading all of your sweet blog posts to him?

    Adorable photos. Hope you all have a wonderful celebration!

    xo, Ana at

  27. Happy birthday to Alex, the fab dad of a beautiful family!

  28. happy birthday to Alex!

    and Toby is getting cuter and cuter everyday if that’s possible!!

  29. Adorable post (as usual)! Happy birthday Alex, I think you’re kind of lucky too…

  30. So cute. Look at baby and papa. What lovely boys xx

  31. I love the way you describe your husband. Reminds me of all the good things I love about my boyfriend- but you said it better. ((Mostly the “good advice-giver” part and that I prefer him with a beard as well! :) ))
    Have fun celebrating!!

  32. aww how sweet!

  33. Happy birthday alex! i hope you have a lovely day!

  34. Happy b day. My family never write nice things like that. Treasure them.

  35. what a sweet post! happy birthday alex! I hope you, joanna and toby have a most fabulous day together!

  36. Glenda says...

    Happy Birthday Alex! Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing Joanna! Toby is a cutie!

  37. Happy Birthday Alex! These photos are precious!

  38. aw happy birthday to your hubby! those photos are so cute!!

  39. Happy birthday to Alex. Such cute pictures:-) Also LOVE the painting Paul Ferney did of Toby – such a great thing for him to have when he is older.

    Hope you have a wonderful evening


  40. Anonymous says...

    I found this so moving. Thank you! It’s my boyfriend’s birthday today, as well. The first of hopefully many we will spend together. Have a great time with your family.

  41. Happy birthday to you….what a sweet post you wrote:)

    Julie xo

  42. Oh, and don’t ever shave the facial hair. I die a little bit each time by boyfriend shaves off his moustache for summer. Really, it’s crippling.

  43. That was so sweet, Joanna! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!

  44. he has to shave at least once, for toby’s sake. this is a nec part of development in every boy’s life. to see your dad with a beard one day, then it’s gone the next, then at some pt it comes back. it instills a sense of the depth of being a man. the ability to lionize yourself.

  45. Aw such a sweet post – hope he has a fab day x

  46. this is so sweet. I hope he has a lovely day. And omg, look at Toby’s eyebrows! They are the cutest little things, ever.

  47. Seriously, Toby has the best baby brows EVER!

    p.s. best birthday wishes to Alex :)

  48. That was a beautiful post, Joanna, Thanks for sharing it. I’m so happy that you blog, your posts are always life enhancing. (Your birth story was touching beyond belief – I have to ration myself to one read a month so as not to spoil the magic. Gorgeous.)

  49. So incredibly sweet!

    Happy birthday Alex! And best wishes to all three of you, always :)

    xo, Nadia

  50. aww such a sweet post! i love birthdays :)

  51. You are such a sweet family, I wish you a lovely birthday!

  52. Happy Birthday to a great guy who encourages a great woman!! Cute photo!

    I have a new giveaway you will love from Metis Linens!!

    Art by Karena

  53. Happy Birthday Alex!
    And such lovely photos of your two men Joanna :)

  54. Happy Birdthday indeed! You share a home with 2 good looking fellows! Have a great evening xoxox pam

  55. Happy Birthday to your awesome husband who is an amazing writer and picture taker! You have such a great little family!

  56. Happy Birthday Alex! You have a beautiful family!

  57. Love posts like this one! Happy birthday to the dad of a little fella who has the most brilliant brows in the history of little fella brows.

    (He’s going to be expressive, that Toby of yours.)

  58. i love seeing posts about you and your family…so inspiring!
    happy birthday to alex!
    xox alison

  59. how sweet :) hope alex has a fabulous birthday!

  60. You don’t know me…at all. But may I say (without sounding mentally creepy) that when I read these particular posts it makes me all warm and happy that there is love like yours out there.

    Happy birthday to your husband. Who doesn’t know me either!

  61. Aw, so precious- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope there’s an abundant resource of cake involved :)

  62. How sweet! Have a Happy Birthday.

    PS, I hate it when my husband shaves off his beard, too. :)

  63. Happy Birthday Alex!

    Ok, now let’s get down to business – tell me more about this sauce with capers…….

  64. So sweet!! Look at your two precious boys. Happy happy day to you, Alex! Such a beautiful family.

  65. Happy Birthday! Toby’s eyebrows are slaying me. You have a beautiful family.

  66. Alex, I wish you the happiest birthday ever–an easy feat with Joanna and your little man Toby!

    (And though I’m usually partial to a clean-shaven face, I love your beard!)

  67. Joanna Goddard says...

    ps. thanks for these sweet comments!

  68. yes, familyof3, we totally need more family pics. will have to rope a friend in to take some :)

  69. bean, noo!!!!! he will never shave!!!!!!!

  70. oh, anna, he’s the best gossiper! it’s awesome after parties! :)

  71. Such sweet photos! Happy Birthday to Alex!!

  72. happy birthday, alex!!!

    love m+m

  73. Awe yay. Sweet pictures. We need some more “family of 3” pics!

  74. Happy Birthday Alex!!
    the photos are so adorable :)

  75. Hurray! And have a very happy birthday Alex!!!


  76. best birthday post ever. happy birthday to your sweet husband! your little family is too adorable.

  77. Happy birthday Alex!

    Just have to say, my friend Alex is also celebrating her birthday today. And to up the coincidence even more, she has a Toby in her life too, her boyfriend :-)

    Anyway, wishing the birthday guy a great day and year ahead!

  78. Happy Birthday Alex! :)
    I hope it’s a super super good one!

    PS He gossips? :)

  79. This is so sweet, Joanna! Is Toby getting daddy a present for his birthday?

  80. Awwww, both father and son are too handsome for words. You’re a lucky gal Joanna…and they’re so lucky to have you! Happy birthday Alex!

    xx Katie

  81. Happy Birthday to Alex! Those photos melt my heart…So cute!
    Wish you a great day, Joanna

  82. Happy Birthday Alex! Looks like you got a great birthday smacker (kiss ) from Toby! x Have fun tonight!

  83. hooray!

    happy happy birthday alex! hope the 3 of you have a fantastic, ridiculous birthday celebration…

    here’s to the adventures to come :)

    sylvie of silver lining

  84. Happy Birthday, Alex! I hope it’s a wonderful one!

  85. omg, i cant believe im the first commenter! im gonna explode!

    happy birthday, alex! may the giants win, in your honor, my man.

    ps – i think you should shave your beard at least once by surprise.