Birthday dinner

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes for Alex! Last night, to celebrate, we went to Recette, an amazing little West Village restaurant. We had a lovely table right next to an open window, so we could feel the crisp fall breeze as we ate. We toasted with Champagne and then shared lots of small plates, including sunchoke soup, beef carpaccio with burrata cheese, and salt cod fritters with lamb ragu (they had such cool combinations of ingredients). It felt so magical to dress up and go out on the town, just the two of us. xoxo

  1. So glad you went to Recette, the chef is my cousin’s cousin. It is delicious!

  2. Aww, darling this looks like such a wonderful evening! And sounds it too. :) You are oh so lovely and elegant, Joanna. The food sounds absolutely delicious! It is so fun to dress up for a fancy supper…I love it. :)

    Have a wonderful day.


  3. You two could be a scene from a movie. :)

  4. Anonymous says...

    You look stunning!

  5. The glow from these photos is just so stunning and filled with warmth, but I’m guessing that they’re so luminous because of how lovely and content the two of you are as people. Really so wonderful… thank you for sharing this with us.
    I am such a fan of your blog for its incredible flare for the blissful moments and appreciation of the simple things in life. Not sure why I haven’t commented on posts until right now, but I think I will start doing so more often.
    Be well~*

  6. So nice that you had a romantic dinner (the menu sounds yum). We’re off to Normandy this weekend just the two of us to celebrate my birthday whilst little L. stays with his nan. So important to keep the romance!

  7. You can say you both had a great time:) I hope I will get to NYC at some point in my life and go to one of those pretty restaurants…. All the best.

  8. glad you two had a wonderful night out! you do look so pretty Joanna! and you both look so happy.

  9. Happy belated birthday to Alex! You and your family are so cute. I love your blog.

  10. having dates time to time is good.

  11. haha, AK, we actually totally love his glasses! :) i find them adorable. but i’m need a new pair myself so i’m going to walk up to Moscot tomorrow, thanks for the rec!

  12. you are are so sweet. hope alex had an amazing birthday.

  13. Anonymous says...

    Candle-lit restaurants are one of my favourite things in the world!!

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way (either of you) but I reckon that Alex needs some slightly more flattering glasses. I like the ones he has, but I think he should maybe get some shaped more like this… ??

    I’ve probably crossed a line, sorry, but I’ve said this just because I’ve worn glasses since I was 7 and I know hard it is to choose them.

    Toby is ridiculously sweet.


  14. You guys are too cute

  15. oh my, you both have such charming smiles, looks like a wonderful, romantic evening :)

  16. You two look gorgeous!

  17. Kelsey says...

    Aw, so sweet. We were in Porto, Portugal in September and salt cod fritters were one of my favorite things!

  18. What sweet images and by the sounds of it an amazing night. Date nights take on a whole new dimension post baby,they are such an extra special treat. Glad you enjoyed. PS. I read your blog everyday but have never commented before, so hello there from Australia x

  19. looks so, so lovely. i’m pretty certain you can’t get that kind of food in michigan.

  20. So fun, you two look great!

  21. Mrs. Joanna, you and Alex are such a beautiful cuple!

    and sometimes when I read your posts I have a strange feeling that you are so so tired ( which is weird, because I don’t even know you, but at the same time it is very obvious because you have a baby). I wish you more dinners ( not just for birthdays :P ) and more carefree moments with your lovely husband :)

    p.s. I hope that Toby is well too

    Have a lovely afternoon :)

  22. You two look gorgeous! xoxo.

  23. G. says...

    Such a beautiful couple! It’s these kinds of photos that Toby will look back on when he’s older and get a sense of what true love looks like!

  24. Good for you two. You seem so incredibly happy together–it’s very refreshing (and comforting!)to watch you transition so naturally into being parents. And your dress is so classy!

  25. you guys look so happy and in love…there’s something so magical about date night. sounds like the perfect birthday celebration :)

  26. You both look so happy! Date night is so much more special when you’re suddenly three. Feels much more precious:-)

  27. Adorable! Happy belated to Alex!

  28. oh so cute you too! Congrats to Alex on his bday and you two look adorable. It’s always great when a couple takes time to enjoy themselves … and get a nanny ;-)

  29. Hi from Pontevedra, Spain!

    Congratulations for such lovely day! You both look so serene and happy…

    I wish my husband would love such pretty details as I do, anyway he has rare qualities that I also appreciate!

    Thanks very much for the daily dose of joy and good taste I take from you.

  30. aw, thank you so much, jocelyn! and i’m actually not reading anything at the moment (except children’s books) since i’m so consumed with toby :) but i really want to read the new nicole krauss book. xo

  31. your hair is so long! i’m dying for a date nite. this has been a crazy month in my house!

  32. you look so dazzlingly beautiful! what a fun night!

  33. becca, we have a nikon D300. we’re definitely still learning and growing into it. would be fun to take a photography class.

  34. sarah–recette is AMAZING but most of the dishes do have some meat somewhere in them (bacon, etc.). you might try Counter in the east village which is an actual vegetarian restaurant (with a nice ambiance) or maybe Mermaid Inn, which has lots of fish on the menu and is great. or you could always go for pizza at a fancier place — like Co. in chelsea (it’s delicious). have a great time and hope your parents love him! xoxo

  35. Kerry says...

    Joanna, you can’t even tell that you’re going bald!!

    You both look gorgeous.

  36. Joanna —

    It’s my and my dad’s birthday this weekend, and as we usually do for special days, my parents are coming in from New Jersey to meet up with my brother and I in the West Village. Incidentally, my parents are also meeting my boyfriend for the first time, which is nerve-wracking and exciting. My boyfriend and I are both vegetarians who occasionally eat fish. Do you have any restaurant recommendations? Recette sounds like a good option. Oh and, my family likes a long wine list…

    Thanks (oh, btw I’m a devoted reader)!

  37. Ah you guys are so beautiful!

  38. It looks like you guys had a great time! Also, I always love how your photos turn out – what camera do you use? Any tips for those trying to learn?


  39. beef carpaccio + burrata? together? oh my goodness.
    you look gorgeous

    happy late birthday Alex!

  40. such a beautiful couple. glad you had a nice evening out together!



  41. You two are officially my favorite couple! I think you should post more about how you make your relationship work.

    Also, what books are you reading? I’m always curious…

  42. Anonymous says...

    Sounds like such a lovely evening!

  43. I have the best memories from cutesy little candle-lit restaurants in the West Village! You guys look very happy :)

  44. what a dashing duo the two of you make – i’m sure all of your hubby’s wishes came true – and more!


  45. I love sharing plates. Its the best way to dine! you guys look awesome and your night looks so sparkly! xx oo

  46. Oh you look so pretty and Alex looks so handsome and you both look so happy! Such a gorgeous couple.

  47. yay! so glad you had fun! you look gorge!

  48. o how wonderful- looks like so much fun. happy birthday to alex (one day late)

  49. you both look lovely <3


  50. looks like the perfect birthday date :)

  51. It sounds like a lovely evening. Glad to see you both enjoyed it and dressed up. Fun!

  52. Belated happy birthday, and I LOVE your style. The best way to enjoy a fabulous restaurant is to order lots of little dishes and share – your own tasting menu. On my list to try next time I’m in New York!

  53. Good for you guys for getting out and having some fun. It’s so easy to forget to do when you’ve just had a child. You guys look great!

  54. Sounds like a wonderful, romantic evening! You both look FABULOUS! (Especially on the little amount of sleep you are probably both getting… or not getting ;)

    Happy Birthday Alex!

  55. Oh yummy. I miss New York dining. I haven’t found a favorite neighborhood place in San Francisco yet. And yes, an excuse to dress-up and drink a little bubbly is always lovely! x

  56. You guys look so cute! And you have quite a long hair now!
    It is nice to go out to dinner and eat so yummy things!

  57. You two are so dapper! And Joanna, I love the look of your hair tucked behind your ears – you are absolutely beautiful!

  58. aww I love this! nothing like celebrating the people you love, with the people you love!
    hip hip!
    xo tash

  59. thanks for the sweet comments! my dress is from A.P.C. — from a few years ago. xo

  60. Aweh! You guys look nice! I am glad you had such a good time! :)

  61. happy belated birthday, alex. you two are adorable!

  62. My mouth is watering from the foods you shared together. Salt cod fritters – ohmygosh.

    You two are a very handsome couple!

  63. Very sweet! You guys both look beautiful…and the restaurant sounds awesome!

  64. That’s so wonderful – looks like a great birthday, for sure!!

    Kind of a present for the both of you! :)

  65. This sounds absolutely lovely! Enjoying the fall breeze while you dine..perfect!

  66. that’s where jarnac used to be! my brother in law ran that restaurant for years.

  67. You are so gorgeous! He photographs you so well!
    Dressing up and going out is definitely an important thing to do when you have kids. And having a window seat is extra special. Love that top!

  68. I love that you share plates. It makes eating so much more fun.

  69. Ohhh you both look so lovely:)…I love romantic dinners too. Is that a dress you are wearing, Joanna? Its beautiful:)

    Ps: I am hosting a headband GIVEAWAY today! Please, join in!