A few readers have requested a post about nursing wear, so I thought I’d share my ten favorite things from the past five months, in hopes that it might be helpful…

Clockwise from top left:

1. Not to sound like a broken record, but I am in love with Gap skinny jeans. They’re flattering, not-too-expensive and perfect for new moms. (And if you don’t believe me, take it from Jenny and Abbey, too!)

2. When carrying a baby around town, I’ve been surprised how tricky it is to juggle a regular diaper bag and balance it over one shoulder. So instead I’ve gotten hooked on backpacks. At first I figured that I’d look like a dorky seventh grader, but I love the backpacks from etsy shop LetsPlayAllDay. She even makes them in stripes and polka dots!

3. The Ergo is the comfiest baby carrier I’ve used, by far. It’s easy to put on, and Toby can cuddle up against my chest as we walk around the city.

4. Ray-Bans somehow miraculously manage to make you feel cool even when you’re covered in spit-up.

5. Stud earrings, like these stars, are pretty and can’t be grabbed and pulled by little hands.

6. Boob nursing wear is, hands down, the best nursing wear I’ve found. The Swedish brand makes adorable, uber-flattering T-shirts, tank tops, dresses, and even hoodie sweatshirts with a subtle fold-over flap that you just lift up a little when you want to breastfeed. I wear these all around New York City and feel very comfortable and modest when feeding Toby, even as countless strangers walk right by us. It’s surprisingly hard to find Boob designs in the U.S., but thankfully Due Maternity (and the Upper Breast Side, if you live in New York) carry some of their pieces. (Update: Erica let me know you can order from Stockholm Objects, too. Yay!)

7. With a baby in your arms (or in the Ergo), it’s hard to bend over to tie your shoes. So slip-on shoes come in handy! French Bensimon shoes are cute and comfy, and Minnetonka moccasins and striped espadrilles would work well, too.

8. Nursing bras can be hideously functional, but Elle Macpherson nursing bras are (surprise!) super sexy. When the lace at the top peeks out under your a V-neck tee, it looks like a flirty camisole.

9. These days, many people use their cell phones to check the time, but when I have Toby in my arms, it’s not always easy to grab around for my phone. So I’ve started wearing a cheap Timex men’s watch, which I really like.

10. Finally, as a nursing mom, your breasts might leak milk. (We were at brunch with friends a few months ago, and milk literally started dripping through my T-shirt onto the table. Awkward!) But if you tuck Lansinoh nursing pads into your bra, they absorb the milk and prevent leaking. Now I wear them night and day. (Bonus: They also make your boobs look bigger :)

Hope this helps — and huge congratulations to all you new moms and moms-to-be out there!

P.S. Breastfeeding in public.