Home Inspiration: Frame Walls

We’re slowly but surely starting to put together a nursery (exciting!). I love the idea of having a frame wall, so the baby can look up from its crib and see all its loved ones smiling down on him or her. So, I think we’re going to roll up our sleeves and make one! Here are two photos I’m using for inspiration. xo

(Top photo by Todd Selby; bottom photo by Annie Schlechter/Domino)

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  3. Amazing, I love it.

  4. amaising frames , im planing to buy for my new home i just bought . They give life to a house.

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  8. Adorable photos and a very cute sight, it’s a very good idea to make the whole wall like this. I generally have a thing for all kinds of frames so I’ve got plenty of them at home. Unfortunately I still can’t make them look so sweet.

  9. In my younger days in the service, it was traditional to build an “I love me wall” where we hung our diplomas and certificates, medals and ensignia.

    A friend of mine actually framed a wall in his basement just for this purpose.

    Frankly, though, the way you have done it shows a bit more class. Nice job.

  10. I love that idea. Family friends who live a bit too far away to visit regularly but often enough to see a few times a year had the first baby in the ‘extended’ family (before my kids came along) and my father turned himself inside out with excitement at being sort of an adopted grandpa. He visited all through Lee’s pregnancy and the last visit before the birth they took a group photo. They kept showing their new baby girl the photo of her in mom’s belly and tagged my dad on as they pointed everyone out. By the time he visited again she was walking, but she went to the fridge and pointed him out in the photo and knew right away who he was. The next time she was talking and when he came in she exclaimed “Grampa Jim!” I think that the fondness that the parents feel when pointing out loved ones transfers through.

  11. I love this concept and it’s so great for a nursery bc you can combine so many different prints and photos. We need to get on a nursery too! we keep talking about it but we haven’t started anything yet. :) so excited for you and alex and your appointment tomorrow!

  12. the baby is going to be so lucky to have such wonderful people and love surrounding him/her! congratulations baby! you’ll bring so much joy to alex and joanna :)

  13. these are both such great looks, and I love that you are doing it for the nursery. how exciting!

  14. Love this idea for a nursery…something that will make the room really shine from newborn to preschool. I adore your blog and am so glad I stumbled upon it. Happy New Year.



  15. I would love to have a frame wall, but knowing me I would freak out and think it was clutter haha

  16. ah that bottom photo will always be a favorite.

    happy new year!!

  17. SK says...

    those walls look lovely!

    frames by beds are a big no-no in southern california though because of the earthquakes. i’m sure you’ll have no problem in ny though! :)

  18. What a great idea!
    An easy way to be close to your babe while he/she slumbers.

  19. Oh how adorable! I used to work at a Baby Furniture store and the funniest part was that all the ladies that worked there were mostly single women (giving advice to new-moms-to-be!) Teehee!

    Anyway, this is one of my favorite vendors, their furniture is made in Minnesota, and the owner is super cute!


  20. Oh I just LOVE these. The Kate Spade store in Soho has one the most spectacular frame walls of all time. It’s in the back above the stairwell—all different prints in a mix-match of frames—gorgeous. Nursery decorating….I’m dying of envy!
    XXXX Kate

  21. Congrats on your little one dear !!
    Merry Christmas ;)

  22. Great idea. We,re starting our wall right now.

  23. Love the frame wall idea… I’m trying to work on one for my living room wall too… :)

  24. I have a similar photo wall in my house…I LOVE IT!! Good luck with the decorating:) xo

  25. Silhouettes totally make me think of Stephanie Nielson…..

  26. Super cute! I love frame walls, I’m building our as well. Have fun w/ the nursery, how exciting!

  27. I love silhouettes and am currently collecting them! I have silhouettes of my grandparents and my parents that I have aligned with a silhouette I had made of me and my husband! My goal is to have a wall in my house covered with silhouettes of my favorite people in my life.

  28. Love! I have two in my house and I plan on doing another one that’s more eclectic and colorful…am I going overboard…yes…but I don’t care.

  29. Fabulous! I love that first one especially!

    ps- I’m doing this Decade List project on my blog that I think you’d be interested in. I’m recapping the last decade of our lives. I’d really like if you joined in. I’m guessing you’ve had an exciting and wonderful last ten years :)

  30. How exciting! I bet it will turn out great.

  31. I love this idea! I am working on one in our bedroom this week! Good luck!

  32. Glenda says...

    I bet you’re so excited to start the nursery. Can’t wait to see the pictures. You should definitely do a photo wall in the nursery. So much fun! :)

  33. i have a huge photo wall in my apartment and I LOVE it! there are about 30 red,black and white frames, all different sizes and i get compliments all the time for it! you should def do one for your little baby :)

  34. I love those frame walls!!

  35. i love that second wall, it’s my old editor tori mellott’s tiny little apartment. brilliant. hope you had a great holiday!

    xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

  36. Anything that showcases silhouette prints is a winner to me! I’m so excited to see the nursery!

  37. Joanna–Good. But the hammer & nails might wait for a moment. Do you have (or know of) Museum Wax? Also there used to be a Museum Putty but I didn’t find it two weeks ago when I needed some more.

    It helps with a certain feline who likes to move stuff around. (it reinforces large prints on wall, objets on tables, Xmas decorations, etc). It can also help you tack up certain not-so-heavy photos/etc. while you decide if you like it in place. I highly recommend you dash out to get some of this Museum Wax. Even in my urban neighborhood it was readily available. Friends in SFran told me about it years ago — they use it to hold glassware, etc. in place in case of earthquake rumbles…)Oh & it doesn’t leave marks, which is helpful. My original point.

    ciao dear

    verification word? ‘frame’ oy

  38. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  39. That’s such a sweet idea! I can’t wait to see the results:)-Jennifer

  40. giulia, that’s fantastic advice. i’m going to get out nails and a hammer right now! :)

  41. We are slowly yet surely doing that to a few of our walls. I was inspired by “The Royal Tenenbaums”. It will be a really fun process for you two I think, and a great idea for a nursery. Also, a much belated congrats on the impending baby!

  42. love these ideas. i haven’t tried a frame wall yet, but something tells me it’s much harder than it looks!

  43. That’s such a sweet idea! Nice pics…the first one is beautiful.

  44. These are beautiful! I cannot WAIT until I graduate and can finally do things like this. White cement block walls are depressing and a half!

    Speaking of nursery prints though, I recently posted one of my new ideas on my blog. I know you’re a busy bee, but you should take a peak! I’d love to send one to you guys as a “I don’t truly know you and yet I adore you” baby gift!

  45. ahhhh congrats on your little one! babies are the best! once you find out what you’re having I’ll have to make it something cute and hip!

  46. Love the photo wall. And I think putting one in the nursery is a brilliant idea. One of my 2010 goals is to complete one as well. . . Photo wall that is. Not a nursery. That phase of my life is over :)

  47. So here’s some cranky (sort of old) woman advice. Don’t wait — even if you have one or two photos/images/whatever. If you’ve not already started putting stuff up, I urge you to do so. That’s how my mother did it. The installation grows organically. (NO NO do not buy compost. Honestly, Joanna. You’ve become a total city slicker.) Ahem.

    If it’s too studied (even too off-handedly studied) it will look match-y (even if not quite obviously) & it will not get done. Start from just slightly off-center & work out. You can always move it around & accommodate–in fact, that makes it more of a slightly changing art exhibit rather than set-in-stone. Get busy, you.:)


    Susan & GG

  48. Congratulations! Have only just seen that you’re pregnant (yes, I’m a bit slow) but just wanted to say congrats.

    Oh, and I’ve been working on this type of wall for our baby’s nursery. My only piece of advice is complete it waaay before baby comes. Little S came early so his nursery is half way between before and after!


  49. second photo is from Domino Mag or Blueprint, I believe. I totally tore out this page for inspiration a few years back. both are lovely.

  50. Exciting Joanna!
    Love the non-matchie-matchie frames…

  51. So love a photo and silhouette wall…and Karl Johnson is amazing at silhouettes.. his work has been in a bunch of mags, and he did some stuff for us as well!

    We just did a few photo walls in the house, and included photos of the girls ( they are almost 8 months old..) next thing you know, Emma was cooing and talking to a photo of her sister!

    Have fun and congrats again…

    PS. Could the top photo be from The Selby of Sally Singers apt?

  52. Great idea! It will be perfect for when they get a bit older and you can point at the pictures and name each person. They will like seeing the familiar faces! I like the second one best but I think the first one looks more nursery-ish! I can’t wait to see your finished result! Congrats again, I am actually so excited for you xx

  53. what a great idea! the one with the silhouettes is just gorgeous!

  54. Such a cute idea. I have yet to finish hanging the artwork in the baby’s room (hence the lack of photos), so my advice to you is to really try to get this done before the baby is born!

    PS: When I was pregnant, this girl from BumpStyle sent me a tee from their collection and it was SO comfortable–really thin and stretchy material. I highly recommend:)

  55. i have the perfect space for one of these and i’ve been trying to figure out what to put there. i love the idea of smaller, meaningful pictures rather than one huge framed piece.

  56. Aw, what a lovely idea!

  57. the second image is tori mellott’s home, and is from domino.

    good luck with your frame wall!

  58. ah what a lovely idea :)

  59. this is going to be the sweetest little nursery. I love the second shot, mixing up the frames with unframed pieces, the books and flowers, and the frieze in the middle of it all. it’s wonderful!

  60. What a great idea! I’ve always wanted to do this but haven’t quite gotten there yet.
    XO Piper