1. My 5 year Oliver giggles so much at this and thinks Toby is “so cute” He also liked the first giggle video and wants to watch more Toby videos :)

  2. adorable! Makes me feel clucky, even though i’m usually far from it!

    Congratulations to all of you for such a lovely change in your lives.

  3. Anonymous says...

    I absolutely love this picture of your baby looking so intently into his stuffed friend’s eyes. Miracles are what babies are….miracles!!!!

  4. Such special times…enjoy!

  5. so darling! want to squeeze those cheeks!

  6. It looks like he’s sounding out the word “bacon” and the little pig is speechless :) SO ADORABLE! Great photo!!

  7. aw soo cute! I have a stuffed animal lamb that I’ve had since birth and it still sleeps in my bed (embarrassing but true!). She was a best friend to me growing up :)

  8. amazing toby photo!!! i love him and the piggy looks really cute too…

  9. It totally looks like Toby is communicating with him. And that stuffed pig looks transfixed by what he has to say! Love this photo!

  10. can not wait to hear the birth story!

  11. Isn’t love great?!…And it’s great wherever you find it! :-)

  12. He is so adorable! And I can’t wait to hear your birth story. I’m abut 5 months along with my first…so excited!

  13. absolutely adorable!!!

  14. Yay! I can’t wait to hear your birth story! Met with our midwife for our first appointment this week—birth is so amazing!! Its our first pregnancy and we’re excited and nervous!

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  16. M. says...

    super cute!!!

  17. My mum still has my two dolls that I adored growing up. When I was out of the house she used to dress them up and mess up the kitchen and pretend that they got up to mischief when we weren’t looking. Childhood toys are so special and so are the mum’s that introduce them!



  18. You have GOT to be kidding. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life history.

  19. elizabeth and holly, the shop was Moon River Chattel in williamsburg, brooklyn. it doesn’t look like they sell online, but you could always call to see if they have a pig in the shop that they could send you? xoxo

  20. I’d love to know where I can get my hands on one of these adorable little guys–the pig, I mean! What a cute pic!

  21. Paul, do you sell online?

  22. michelle says...

    Your baby’s photos makes me wanna have my own baby. But I’m 18. Seems like I’ll have my own baby for the next 10 years.

    Can’t wait to hear Toby’s birth story, Joanna!


  23. look at that sweet amazed look on his face…lovely!

  24. haha, kerry, yes, everyone says that :) they’re like oversized puppy hands, it’s so cute. hopefully he’ll grow into them!

  25. oh my goodness, christine! what a small world!!! how funny. yes, they gave it to us at brunch that day :)

  26. Double cuteness! I love the pig, but Toby just steals my heart!

  27. Amanda says...

    Makes me miss my favorite stuffed animal even more. I lost it on an airplane ride when I was younger. Its name was “Bonnie” because for some reason, I couldn’t pronounce “bunny”. Later I found that the it meant “pretty/sweetheart”. Don’t let him lose his!

  28. What a cutie!!!!
    First time visiting your blog, and I have to admit I’m in love, can’t stop reading and looking for interesting and yummy stuff!
    Following you now, you’re definitely a keeper!

  29. Adorable to the max…looking forward to hearing about the birth story =)

  30. Oh my gosh! That is SO adorable! :)

  31. I can’t believe how much bigger Toby is in these few weeks!
    He’s darling and obviously has very good taste in stuffed animals.

  32. such a wonderful and sweet picture!

  33. Ohmygoodness! I just had visions of future Calvin and Hobbs-type adventures for these two!
    He’s absolutely -adorable!-

  34. Kerry says...

    Is it just me, or does that sweet little guy have enormous hands?!?

  35. awwww. toby is adorable and porter/hollister always have the most amazing things

  36. I think that Toby’s a genius. I can just tell from this photo. That and he is incredibly compassionate:)


  37. Glenda says...

    Adorable! Can’t wait to hear the birth story! :D

  38. Babies finding first friends is so fun. By the way, this guy just gets cuter and cuter.

  39. my heart is melting. this is so incredibly adorable :)

  40. That’s from my store! We were so excited your little one would be the recipient when they told us they were meeting you for brunch up the street and would give it to you. We love our little pigs so, you see, and I can’t think of better company than your sweet Toby.
    My little guys(6 & 4, boys rock, btw) gave another similar to my husband for xmas. I try not to smush “Buttons” as he always makes his way over to me by dawn!


  41. Toby is just adorable!

    My mum’s friend’s baby turns 1 tomorrow.
    It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since he looked like this.

  42. Where did they get that pig? Could you see if they will tell you?
    Also, your son is adorable. Obviously. :)

  43. Anonymous says...

    So cute!

  44. HOW sweet : ) he is sooo cute love pixs that capture the moments like that!

    congrads, and cheers!!!

    I have a little kid giveaway that ends tomorrow if you intrested stop by and good luck!
    (ifs for a girl….but still!)


  45. SO cute! <3

    Excited to read Toby’s birth story :)

  46. Toby is assuring Pig that he will never, jamais eat jambon. Oui. I think so…

    I’m alarmed that I could probably replicate this scene (playing Toby) & stare like that. Very cute, of course, when it’s Toby. Me? Altogether a different story.

    Off to Michelle Obama’s farmer’s market (well, that’s what I call it) & I’ll think of you Joanna, when I walk past the piglet stand.

    big baci to you & all…

  47. i can’t wait for moments like this..

  48. he is so DARLING! i bet you are SOOOO in LOVE with him!

  49. This is wonderful! It just made my day.

  50. i can’t wait to hear your story!

  51. This is seriously too cute for words!

  52. adorable!
    i love when babies have a toy that they cling to and become best friends with, it’s so sweet!

  53. Gahhh soooo adorable!!! :)
    I’m swooning over here :)

  54. oh my gosh, sooo cute! i don’t have the baby bug yet, and i don’t usually think they’re that adorable, but jeez, toby’s a cutie pie!

    and i may be in my mid-twenties, but i wannnntttt one of those pigs! SO ADORABLE.

  55. This is the sweetest!

  56. Now, the pig – freakin’ adorable. The baby – even more so. I love how he is so enthralled with it.

  57. Oh he is so precious! Congratulations, darling!

    With love,
    Rachel xoxo

    P.S.-I love stuffies!!

  58. Oh my goodness. So adorable! Can’t wait till he starts talking to it.

  59. If that isn’t adorable I don’t know what is!!The cutest baby and the pig is just mesmerizing him!

    Art by Karena

  60. I love these precious pics. Our firstborn loved stuffed animals too!

    Have a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie

  61. What a tender moment!! Beautiful =) Thank you for sharing this great pic with the rest of the world.

    Have an absolutely fabulous day!

  62. “No Mr. Pig – how YOU doin’?”

    So cute!


  63. Hahhaha….how cool..it looks like:) You are welcome:)

  64. This makes me so happy!

  65. haha, yes, diana! the piggy may actually be bigger! :) thanks for these sweet comments.

  66. Meredith says...

    Beautiful! I love these sweet little posts, what a precious baby you have!

  67. A friend of mine has an album on facebook called “The Incredible Shrinking Bunny,” and she’s taken a picture of her daughter next to the same stuffed bunny every month. And as her daughter has gotten bigger, the bunny’s gotten smaller. This picture of Toby and the pig reminded me of that. So cute!!

  68. Your little chap is an absolute delight. I love the gazing. I always wonder what they are thinking when they are that small. Profound thoughts about the Universal Why, I assume.

    Thank you for putting up these photographs of your growing boy. They are so uncomplicatedly lovely.

  69. Btw: I adore the little buttons….So cute!

    Making friends:)

  70. I adore pigs. I want that one for myself! I’m 28 :/

  71. I kid you not when I say that every time I see a photo of your baby my heart goes pitter-patter.
    Just so sweet and cute.

    It makes me ready to have one right now! haha.

  72. your baby fotos are amazing. the always make me smile :)

  73. awwww… so special:)
    Are the almost the same size?


  74. This is so. cute. It made my morning.