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  8. INCREDIBLE ! Its so beautiful..I did same thing last time when I was in London. Really, missing those days. Memorable days of my whole life :-)

  9. It’s very cute! I will do the same in Switzerland – I’m moving there for a week, but when we were there for an interview my husband (in Stans and Lucerne), which was pretty girls in fashion around the softer bikes … I was in awe:)

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  15. very beautiful photos you look so great

  16. Hi. I live in Manhattan and I was surprised to see this. Huh! the third girl is my friend Ann, and yes, she is always smiling like that. She is such a lovely person. Loved your post.

  17. I’m crazy for city cycling, so cudos to all these ladies for being stylish while doing it.

  18. Me says...

    I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing this fun project!

  19. Oh my, great pics.

    Tiny bit surprised by all the panicky “helmetless” comments, though. As a native Amsterdam resident and helmetless biker for the past 20+ years, I have to laugh at the alarmist tone when it comes to cyclists without helmets. Sure, I wouldn’t go riding the French highways without a helmet, but city biking?
    People! Falling off your bike happens. Tough cookies manage. Crossing the street is dangerous, too – perhaps people ought to be chided for not wearing full body armour at all times?

  20. Helmets should be worn at all times, no matter what “style” of riding and no matter where you are cycling. Traffic or no traffic. “Slow, upright, city riding” may seem safer but the potential for a fatal fall is still present.

    Merely falling from the height of your STATIONARY bicycle can kill you or cause brain injury.

    All of these women, as beautifully styled as they may be, could be cycling at 5mph, hit a pot hole while observing the “sweet guys” smiling at them, take a spill and wind up striking their gorgeous heads and tasteful hats against a fire hydrant or curb.

    Statistically the chances are slim. Yes. BUT why take such a chance

  21. That’s awesome! I used to ride my 1970s motobecane to work every day until I got hit on second Ave–now I’m gun shy. But my wife and I still bike for pleasure when the weather is good. Did you know that google maps has just released (today) a “bicycling” option on their directions page. We’re totally going to use it this summer!

  22. These are great pictures. I love seeing cool people on cool bikes. Now I want matching red socks and red hat.

  23. Wow, I recognized Brooke and Ada immediately. That just shows you how much I perused and loved my Domino magazines!

  24. These photos make me want to move to New York and go bike riding!

  25. these are some absolutely fabulous photos!

  26. love all these biker photos. we’re shopping for beach cruisers right now!


  27. wow, surely all of the commenters who believe that helmets are a necessary safety precaution for the kind of cycling shown in these lovely photos – slow, upright, city riding – also advocate wearing a helmet while in a car or as a pedestrian. no, why not then?

  28. Thanks Joanna! I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. :)

  29. I must get myself a bike like this! Looks like so much fun!

  30. if only I could look this stylish on a bike!
    Love that helmet too!

  31. Loving the YSL blog! Your “Pack like a French woman” post was amazing. My best friend got engaged at that exact spot you posted in “Little Corner of Paris…” What a fab blog!

  32. these photos are divine Jo. amazing. You’ve inspired me to get my old bike out of the garage and give it some TLC!

  33. Way cool.

  34. i love the bikes especially the classic ones :)

  35. Beautiful post! The colors are perfect for fall.

    Please feel free to visit my new blog: http://mainstreetsisters.blogspot.com/

    My sisters and I write about the historic towns of America and what makes them so charming.

  36. alex says...

    i love your blog but i was really sad to see that no one was wearing a helmet in this post. i know you said that they took off their helmets for the picture, but none of them are even holding a helmet.

    i didn’t take wearing a helmet seriously either until two months ago when my 22 year old friend was struck by a truck and killed in cleveland. now i always wear a helmet. she had great style and would have looked really cute on this blog too.

    i’m happy you posted about your helmet in the next post, but it would be really great if you were to write something in THIS post about the importance of wearing a helmet. glamorizing helmetless riding is not cool. thanks.

  37. I’m with @Sam. totally cute. Too bad none have helmets.

  38. love it!

  39. These are amazing!!

  40. I love how they all have baskets!

  41. I’ve never been the most skilled biker, but these fabulously chic pics make me want to give it another whirl!

  42. Wow, I want to bike to work now!

  43. Love all of them. Bikes are best!

  44. I have an old-style Dawes Diploma bicycle that I zoom around Oxford on when I am sans Beatrice. You can’t live here without a bicycle, really!

  45. I read your blogs from this weekend and I loved them all! especially the pain au chocolat one! what a yummy assignment! this bike one is cute too– so nice to see such pretty girls on pretty bikes! and today’s post about packing your own airplane picnic is so smart!

  46. love the photos, Joanna. When we were in NYC in August, on Saturday mornings on Park Ave. they close down the street to cars and give free rental bikes & also roller blades out to ride around the area. I guess they do it every Saturday in August. It was alot of fun though! Your helmet is awesome!

  47. Absolutely adorable! These are some real beauties on bikes!

    I do insist that you can still look fashionable with a helmet. Considering the alternative, riders look and feel SO much better wearing a helmet in case anything were to happen.

  48. ooh…i love them all! they are all so beautiful! i love love.

  49. these look great! is that the brick wall on spring and mulberry-ish? i love that wall, I’ve always thought it would make a great backdrop and it looks like it does – nice work!

  50. ride along NY in a bike? wonderfull!

  51. i love it!
    i pretty much think bikes are the future.
    well they’re the past, but they’re the future too.

  52. Lovely! This makes me wish I had a bike… although I doubt I could look as chic while riding it as any of these ladies.

  53. That must have been so much fun! I’ve been thinking about getting a bicycle with a cute basket for some time now, but there are so many hills in San Diego! I really do miss living in NYC. Thank goodness for your blog — you provide an excellent dose of the city I love so much.

  54. E says...

    That’s cute! But not one of these girls are wearing helmets and that’s not safe at all! :(

  55. please post about your cool bike helmet! i am looking for a skateboarding-style one for my, apparently, HUGE head..:) (i blame my thick hair!)

  56. yeah, right…absolutly cute :) I think I should buy bike like this :)
    cheers, anne ;)

  57. Thanks, these are great and I checked out the Parisienne Experience blog, but is there an rss feed to this? I’d love to see this come in my google reader every morning!

  58. I so adore the second picture – how cute! :)

  59. Poor Micaela, I’m lol (I can’t help it. Almost everyone spells ‘Giulia’, ‘Guilia.’ And sometimes I do as well:)

    These are charming & elegant, lovely Jo.


  60. Ohh, sounds like fun! I love Anna, she’s really nice-I did an interview with her for my blog once.
    Cute pictures, too!


  61. yes, many of the women had helmets but took them off for the shoot (since it was about street style etc) — i have a great helmet that looks like a skateboarding helmet, if anyone wants a good recommendation. xo

  62. Maybe they took off the helmets for the shot?

  63. Anonymous says...

    the lack of helmets is shocking. i am glad that other’s agree.

  64. Of course this is my fave. What a fun project. I can’t get over that little babe strapped to his mom.

  65. nothing lovelier than pretty girls on pretty bicycles!

  66. So cute! I love everything about this post. <3

  67. DeeDee says...

    I agree that all these folks are adorable but I am also surprised at the lack of helmets. In my town (Halifax), not wearing a helmet is a ticketable offense. You can still look sweet in a helmet!

  68. I love these photos, and I’m assuming that the lack of helmets is for styling purposes only…meaning as soon as the shoot was done these ladies put on a helmet to ride away. Because anything else would just be silly, right? Congrats on the project!

  69. I totally share your love of bikes. Thanks for posting these photos!

  70. I’m amending my earlier comment to say that they can look fashionable from the EARS down until they get off their bikes.

  71. I really like the last photo — it looks as though it should be part of the fall Anthropologie catalogue!

  72. i love the second to last bike!!! it’s to die for :)

    happy mondays

  73. I love your blog but I’m furious. We shouldn’t be glorifying the look of people riding bikes without a helmet anymore than we should be glorifying smoking. These women can look fashionable from the waist down until they get off their bikes. And that woman with no helmet with two-year-old Ada with no helmet? Boooo.

  74. Oh, this is inspiring!

  75. *e says...

    I love biking! How dangerous is it to ride in Manhattan though?

  76. Love this! How much fun it seems. Really love the last cyclists style, so much colour and fun and the two girls in the second have a great style too. Good work Jo!

  77. aaw how cute! they all look so fashionable as well :p

  78. Okay, I know they aren’t exactly stylish, but where are the bike helmets???

  79. That looks like such a fun project! I need a bike.

  80. this is very cute! I thought about doing the same thing in Switzerland – I’m moving there in a week, but when we were there for my husbands interview (in Stans and Luzern) there were adorable fashionable girls EVERYWHERE on the cutest bikes…i was in awe :)

  81. ahh, cool Jo. I really like it!

  82. OK, now I’ve got a HUGE crush on that girl in the fuzzy white hat.

  83. How sweet!

  84. I love riding my bike, but don’t you find it a little disheartening that NONE of these women are wearing helmets? Not even the baby?

  85. Very cute, I love biking

  86. Anonymous says...

    I love bikes and these women look so chic riding them! It is fun reading your YSL posts!

  87. Wow, you had a lovely weekend to do it. Perfect!

  88. maggie says...