At the start of this beautiful weekend, I hurt my foot, and the doctor ordered me to sit inside with my leg up for both days. It was such a bummer! On the bright side, I finally had time to read the entire Domino book, and a couple friends came over on Saturday night to play games. (I had to wear a giant orthopedic sandal. Nothing cooler than a limping pregnant woman, let me tell you.) Anyway, hope you all had great weekends, and, to kick off a new week, here are a few images I thought you might like…

Lovely San Francisco.

Lavender lemonade.

Julia Rothman‘s amazing New York subway poster.

This gorgeous bedroom is actually in an English hotel. I adore the black-and-white photograph in a white frame. It makes me want to shop for a fine-art photo (or frame pages of a book).

P.S. Past inspiration photos.