1. Cosmo says...

    So, I do not really think this will work.
    metal buildings

  2. That is an awesome shot. And from what I can see, it’s a cute bike, too.

  3. Are those drapery tassles on the handle bars?! I love that, I need some.

  4. This day was absolutely amazing! It felt great to walk around outside without a coat!

    Can’t wait for Spring!

  5. aww, i love this blog and the first signs of spring!

    nothing beats the happiness when the sun decides come around more often and you can get your favorite flats out again!!

  6. Oh, that day was so nice!!! Back to waiting for snow in NYC.

    Sadie at heyMamas

  7. I am counting down the days till spring! I’m going to get new bike tires this month to prepare.

  8. kind of obsessed with this picture… -le sigh- I can’t wait for bike riding season (and I’m definitely going to try to take a picture like this!)

  9. that’s what we thought in France yesterday, but this morning, it’s freezing!

  10. You really feel spring!
    not much bike weather down here in NC- just some rain, someone even said snow…
    but at the first sight of sun I am going to take my bike for a ride to!
    Thanks for the idea :)

  11. Hopefully spring is around the corner, I am completely looking foward to sun, longer days, flowers, sandals, sun dresses, lemonade, bicycles, floppy hats. It just sounds dreamy! Love the picture on a bike, it looks so real!

    elisabeth adele

  12. I know, Spring in New York is so close I can almost taste it!

  13. i love that picture – it’s so happy!

  14. And I woke up excited for 25 degrees! Still, that means spring is in the air for us up here!

  15. What a different a few thousand miles makes…it’s in the fifties here and it in NO way feels like spring ;)

  16. i had my first ride yesterday here in utah :)

  17. I went outside without a coat this afternoon. It was amazing! Also, that picture makes me want to go for a bike ride. :-)

  18. It’s nice here on the East Coast of Canada, too. A bike ride sounds so lovely! Enjoy! You inspire me to buy a bike

  19. you lucky girl! i’m loving this photo. i hope your week is off to a great start!

  20. I agree! It was 43 degrees when I left the house this morning, but it felt like spring. I shed my wool coat and was outside in a 3/4-sleeve cardigan!

    Have fun on your bike ride!

  21. oy, ive almost forgotten what my bike looks like!!! make it come faster!

  22. Lovely!

  23. i am dying for spring…just done with all this cold weather!

    have fun on your bike ride. stay warm ;-)

  24. I was deliriously happy that it was in the 40s over the weekend then had to laugh to myself that I thought that was warm lol I’m soooooo ready for spring!

  25. haha, i know, christina, it’s still so cold! :)

  26. Snowing heavily in Atlanta! : ( Oh, well, it will make us appreciate the warm weather all the more…

  27. it was 60 here over the weekend. LOVED it. and I also love that you’re still riding your bike while you’re preggo. That’s too cute! :]

  28. yes! i went wine tasting sunday in sonoma (just posted pictures on my blog) and this one winery has thousands of tulips and almost all of them were in bloom..soo happy spring is just around the corner!


  29. It’s s funny when we are happy because it’s 43 degrees out.

  30. Yippee! for you. We also had sunshine here in Croatia 59F!

    A Mexican chica living in Europe

  31. yay! its about time for you guys! love that bike shot.

    p.s. please tell nyc to get extra warm for my visit in may!

  32. I wanna go bike riding! Have fun! ~lulu

  33. I was singing about riding my bike yesterday…and a lot of other days…anyway! It’s going to be in the 50s here all week! I am sooo excited

  34. I bet you’re the cutest pregnant lady ever to ride a bike.

    43 degrees….brr! Hope spring comes soon for all you east coasters and midwesterners. It’s 65 degrees here in socal!

  35. …and i want to photograph you on that bike…haha dreaming of a shot like this!!!!! have a great day!

  36. thanks, jenny! for me, my doctor says it’s fine to bike all nine months and actually encourages it, thankfully! :)

  37. I’m so ready for spring, but I get worried when March starts out nice. What’s that saying? “in like a lamb, out like a lion” Usually if it starts with sunshine and hope, I’m shoveling by the end. Oy.

  38. this is such a great photo. happy riding!!!

  39. just woke up to the sound of POURING rain! i want sunshine so bad!! so over this rain!!

  40. Enjoy! you deserve it after so much cold!

  41. Please be careful! The doctor didn’t allow me to ride a bike while pregnant! Sorry to be bossy.

  42. My gift to myself this year…a bike!

  43. i woke up to snow! snow in tennessee!!! crazy!! that is such an adorable picture!

  44. So ready for spring !! A new bike may be in the works.

    Art by Karena

  45. oh i just can’t wait! it’s sunny here today but just a bit chilly…i’ll take it :)

  46. Oh not fair at all!!! Its a blizzard in North Carolina…. Where is the sense in that?

  47. This post has provided me a huge smile for the day ahead. I’m hoping for a warm up in the Midwest soon as I need to be reunited with my 76′ Schwinn.

  48. It’s sunny and 50 degrees here in Utah as well! Yes! Love the photo. I want to ride my bike too. Have a fun day.

  49. crossing my fingers it will stay this nice out!

  50. Thank GOD. I was slowly losing all hope.

  51. maggie says...

    love the photo!

  52. that photo rules. nice find!

  53. Where I live, in rains slash snows until June. Bleech.

  54. I want that bike end of story! it is currently rain/snow mix outside my bed and i might scream if i don’t see the sun again! eak!!!!

  55. It’s sunny today in London too! I stopped on my cycle ride to work and took a few photos. Enjoy your ride!

  56. Lucky duck! I’m crossing my fingers the sun gives Columbus, Ohio a peak today. I haven’t seen it in eons!