Home Inspiration: Striped walls

Stephanie joked yesterday that striped shirts are the official blogger’s uniform (haha, that rang true), so how about striped walls? These two rooms look beautiful, especially with the round mirrors. The first is Tori Mellott’s living room, and the second is (you’ll never guess)…a bathroom in a J. Crew store!

P.S. Jordan’s stripe round-up.

(Top photo from Domino; bottom photo from Lonny)

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  3. These are fabulous. I hate white walls so got pretty good at painting them – at least twice every move, so I think I might try stripes.

  4. The strips on the walls and chosen colors add a touch of elegance to this rooms. To use stripes in livingroom or bathroom turn every boring room into design piece and the rounded mirror makes the last perfect detail. Very chic.

    Best regards,

  5. I am such a sucker for stripes.

  6. you’re so right about striped shirts! my husband teases me about my love of all things stripes! plus, I love my striped socks! winter boots call for striped socks in every single color and combo.

    I love these photos!

  7. This is great room inspiration :D

    Lots of love,

  8. I love striped walls, I just hate painting over them!

  9. i’m wanting striped walls so bad!

  10. That mirror in the middle looks fisheye lense’ish. I wonder if it’s really like that or if it’s just the way the photo was taken.

  11. I painted our bedroom in stripes. I used the same color green but alternated with a matte finish and a glossy finish. It turned out awesome!

  12. Neatest J. Crew store ever? I think so.

  13. stripes are just awesome. i’ve loved that bathroom since i first saw it… just perfect. i love the little artichoke print in the wood frame too.


  14. “It’s just a fluke,” she thought. “I do not wear stripes. Not really.” She looked down. Stripes covered her torso. Again the next day. And the next.

  15. LOVE the stripes … so bold but classy.

  16. This is so classy!
    I’d love to do this when I own my place!

  17. I like the vintage feel of stripes-it strangely makes me feel like I’m in an old Victorian-style home.

  18. J says...

    Oh, I miss Domino!

  19. I think from a DESIGN standpoint they may be attractive and for photos, but in the real world…i don’t think i’d want them on a wall. I like how Jenna Lyon of J. Crew positioned the ones in her babies room..on the CEILING. Now that is better…less blinding. Woo hoo! :)))

    Jen Ramos
    ‘Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’

  20. I think I kind of love the stripes on the walls. Obviously not all over the house, but an accent wall or two in a dark grey, not inky black, would be great!

  21. I was only thinking yesterday how much I love stripes. I’m painting my three-year old’s bedroom in green stripes soon. But I didn’t know it was part of the collective blogging unconscious…how weird!

  22. Very chic! Love this, thanks so much for sharing.

  23. Ha ha! I just stopped today to admire a fetching window display in mid-town … of striped shirts.

    Just can’t get enough! And the striped moldings are fantastic.

  24. oh gosh, stripes are my favorite. i’m bringing two striped shirts for a five-day trip to europe next week, in fact..!

  25. my husband and I painted a couple stripes in our kitchen. It was all I could stand to do because it’s so frustrating! the perspective through everything off and made it look like the top was wider than the bottom. It was a lot of work. But it turned out really nice!

  26. beautiful! i have dreams of doing a striped room for a nursery – wide stripes, and both would be cream, just one would be semi-gloss and the other matte.

  27. I have dreamed of striped walls for years now and as soon as I have my own place, I am totally going to stripe it out.

  28. I have been wondering lately what the personality differences are between the team stripes folks and the team polka-dot folks. I am Team Stripes all the way (therefore I LOVE these walls)!

  29. the bathroom is fun! it is indeed hard to get this right though.

  30. I’m totally into anything and everything black and white (the proof is in the puddin’ as they say – just look at my own blog’s background!)

    I so want my own bathroom to look just like that J. Crew stunner!

    Love, love, LOVE.


  31. sooooooooo preppy, love it! Would love this as an accent wall in a nursery…maybe in lavender for a girl? ahh, one day.

  32. i love stripes and would totally put them on my wall…but my walls are slanted by a roofline and the stripes would look a liiiitttle crazy :)

  33. very different…..but cool :)

  34. LOVE me some stripes, I am currently debating whether or not to paint some in my hallway, it might be a bit too Drop Dead Fred…

  35. YES, I’ve recently been trying to ween myself off striped shirts. they are strangely addictive, no?

  36. What kind of mirror is that?! I’ve been looking for one for ages (the bubbled mirror from the first photo) – I never know what its technical name is. HELP!

  37. loving the striped walls…

  38. LOVE this look!! And other than the measuring involved — it’s really fairly easy to achieve.

  39. i love striped and i can’t believe i have never thought of this!
    thanks for the inspiration!


    wow! i’ve been working on getting together some stuff for my own inspiration wall. wish i could put up wallpaper or paint my appartment! any creative ideas for me since i can’t paint, wallpaper, or really put holes in the wall?


  41. paloma, i wonder if the new owners kept up the wallpaper. how could you possibly tear it down? :)

  42. I wish my restroom were half as cool!

  43. I’m SO obsessed with these bold stripes right now! I just had some wingback chairs slipcovered in bold black and white stripes! SOOOO fun!

  44. love these pics! i’m sorry i missed seeing the j. crew store when i was in new york, can’t wait to see it next time i’m there!

  45. yes, please. striped walls make me think of a parisian woman’s private boudoir. i love it.

  46. That, is pretty spiffy.

  47. I like how they almost become a neutral in that first pic. Very cool.

  48. Both spaces are fantastic! Tori Mellott’s old living room is one of my favorite spaces EVER! Sadly, she has moved since the photos were published in Domino and the striped walls are no more.

  49. Ok, that’s it. I have decided. I am so putting up striped wallpaper in my formal living room (official blog pattern or not). It can need some punch. Your blog is fabutastic BTW! xx Monika

  50. i actually really like it…. no…. LOVE it!!!!!!

  51. maggie says...

    i love them both!

  52. All these compliments are killing me…I just don’t think I could handle these rooms for long…maybe the bathroom since its occupancy duration is most-likely less than 10 minutes (and that’s being really conservative).

  53. those pictures look so lovely! Especially the colors that were chosen ( I dont know if I could handle an orange striped room…)

  54. i love the top pic, so interesting !

    here in south africa the walls all have a texture to them so we cant put wallpaper on ..

  55. these are striped walls, done well. wow, i may be converted.

  56. abchao, so funny. and a striped ceiling would be amazing!

  57. Awesome! I love that bathroom

  58. Ha! Just thinking about wearing one of my many striped shirts tomorrow. Well it’s true, I love striped walls too. The frame arrangements and proportions on the top wall are perfection!

  59. Love the bathroom. Boy are you inspiring

  60. I really want to stripe the ceiling, Jenna Lyons-style, in my daughter’s new bathroom, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough! We’ll see after the construction is done.

    (I typed this while wearing a striped shirt.)

  61. I love them both! Seems like so much work, but totally worth it.

  62. so true, i wear stripes nearly every day!

    would love to paint stripes in the living room, although that’s maybe more work than i’d like to do.

  63. I striped a wall in my little girls’ room (green and white.) It was an awful lot of work (especially when working with textured walls) but so very work the effort! It’s my favorite wall in my house!

  64. oh wow the first one is gorgeouuus!! i also like the round mirror in the middle of the wall. pretty :)

  65. Craaaazy about the first room (also love all the framed art). The second is beautiful as well, but I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to pull it off!

  66. I like the stripes in the loung but not in the bathroom.

  67. I LOVE that bathroom. It looks perfect.

  68. Love the first photo! I think if I were to be so bold to have striped walls, they’d have to be in a soft color like the first.

  69. oh, yes, i hadn’t even noticed the moldings! you’re right, huge kudos!

  70. love that first picture especially. grey is my staple, and the stripes with the bold black frames are perfection.

  71. It’s true, every blogger loves stripes. Me, too.

    Plus, THOSE stripes are particularly fetching. And kudos for striping right around the moldings!

  72. I honestly believe striped walls are cool – it’s so chic and hip at the same time… I would love to try it for my own space:)