Parisian style

My dears, for our YSL project, we’ve been scouting out the best in French food and style here in the United States. Since we’ve been traveling, I’ve written about how to pack a suitcase like a French woman
Bringing along a French picnic on the airplane (my friend Anna took this photo on our tray table, if you can believe it!)…
A pain au chocolat taste test (this funny photo is of me when I was two)…
And the cutest babies dressed in Oeuf baby sweaters. Don’t they look French and fabulous?

I really hope you enjoy the posts! xoxo

(Picnic and baby sweater photos by Anna Wolf. Babies by Lina and Leigh)

  1. Anonymous says...

    I once saw a Japanese movie about choosing a moment to take into eternity. This is mine–drop me in Paris and let me stay there. French style is not so mysterious–simple lines, buy only the best quality that you can afford, go for classics, not fads, and eat small amounts of fresh, homemade food. A really great haircut makes a huge difference. Forget the huge athletic shoes, never mind the flip-flops. Wear one great accessory to make a statement, not four or five accessories. Everyone wears scarves–men and women. Be flirtatious (the French are Latin, not Puritan. There is a huge difference in the way Anglos see relationships vs. Latin attitudes).
    The confidence somes from being “bien dans la peau.” When you are comfortable with yourself, it radiates to others.

    Thank you, Jo, for your posts. I eagerly read them, and always, always, want to get back to France. Until then, France is in my heart in every way.

  2. The baby is so cute and adorable, I love his sweeter and I wish to have one as beautiful sweeter as that so I can give it to my nephew as a gift.

  3. I just got back from Paris (literally like 3 hours ago) and I’m so ready to go back! Can’t wait to read more about this!

  4. I saw Leigh’s baby photo on her blog…what a cute photo! This project of yours really does sound like a dream. Especially given your mild obsession with all things French!

  5. Le chic parisian is timeless. You should check out Le Mont St Michel (the clothes, not the place – well, the place too). I have an entry about their line on my blog.

  6. Oh yes I did enjoy this post especially that picture of you when you were still two, lol.

  7. I just read about your pain au chocolat….BabyGirl and I have been enjoying nutella on english muffins (it’s a stretch, but hey) for the last few days and couldn’t agree more that bread and chocolate indeed makes for a happy baby!!

  8. I know you’re exploring bigger cities, but if you’re looking for French influences, you should definitely poke around in New Orleans if you can! I was born and raised there and there are parts of the lifestyle and attitude that feel distinctly French.

  9. i like that stuffed meat! haha

  10. LOVE this! beautiful photos

  11. Anonymous says...

    there is something a little tragic about the american obsession with anything french. especially given that most of you never leave the states in your lifetime.

    is it the complete absence of culture in your own country that makes you cling desperately to anything that seems ‘Yay French!!!’?

  12. vive le france! lovely lovely ideas.

    p.s. kiwi and i were thinking of booking with haven in paris for our next trip! have you ever used them personally?

  13. i love the plane picnic!

  14. that red bra would look great underneath a loose black tank. great post!

  15. Anonymous says...

    My Happy List

    1. Pitas with vegetables.
    2. A long swim in the pool. It’s even more redeeming when I force myself to do it on very cold mornings!
    3. The thought of going home to be with my family on Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see them!

  16. I love this post! It makes me jealous. I have been yearning for France lately.

  17. Anonymous says...

    I’m such a francophile!!…i lubs me the striped shirts! I sport stripes regularly- I so want to go back to France soon. Toodles Mon Ami!

  18. hi there,
    love it all – where is the top from?
    I want to buy one!

  19. Thanks Joanna. ;) Oh yeah…I forgot…..grapes, can’t forget the juicy red grapes!! Hee Hee

  20. thank you for these comments! ella, i don’t have those leggings, no — i have some cheap ones from urban outfitters :) and katie, you can usually find affordable striped shirts at jcrew and boden. xoxo

  21. Absolutely loved this post. It took me back to my Parisian visits and my study abroad in Belgium… oh how I miss the pain au chocolat. We’re headed to LA this weekend to have dinner with my friend who was trained at the french culinary institute in NYC and I am even MORE excited now than I was before.

  22. Those are some very chic babies- how cute! I only wish they served snacks that looked that delicious on all flights!

  23. Those baby pics are so adorable!!

  24. All of this is fantastic! Great articles!

  25. i doubt i’d have any qualms about traveling if i had a picnic like that!

  26. Loving all of it, Joanna! Way to go! And how amazing is it that you get to work with Anna Wolf??

  27. Ella says...

    Do you really have $400 leggings?? Wow…or is it just for promo? ;)

  28. Love them! And love those baby sweaters too. The sewn-on gloves are especially darling :)

  29. This is a great series, Joanna! :) I’m interested to see what you find in Chicago!

  30. The next time I fly, I am having a picnic on the plane. Thank you for the inspiration!

  31. se says...

    awe. just the inspiration i needed to get my day going.

  32. I can’t tell you how much I love – love, love, love – this post. The photograph of a Parisian Style picnic on your airplane tray table is just too much. I absolutely adore you right now! :)

  33. My favouriet check list!

    I live on a boat in London so we have tons of stripey tops…

    red bra – check (well pink in
    the wash).

    Ben simon pumps – check – white

    Julia Child – check

    Serge Gainsbourg – check ( does thsi count?)

    Getting there…loving the french feel!


  34. That picnic looks delicious! And what adorable baby pictures- including yours! It makes me want a baby… well, not my own. I need to convince one of my friends or my sister to have one so I can dress it up in cute french-inspired outfits, without having to worry about the diaper changing and things later!

  35. I just went and read all your posts there! And then emailed my mom the post about the John Derian store so we can go there when I’m home- she loves his stuff but we never thought to go to the store (as we always see it other places)!!

  36. i love this outfit! do you have any recommendations for slightly more affordable striped shirts like the one you showed?

  37. I love, love, LOVE your article on packing like a French woman.

    I have visited the city of lights three times and have yet to master the art of blending into the chic. I will definitely use your tips on my next trip!!

  38. So so stylish and French.

  39. Gamine is an amazingly authentic french restaurant in San Francisco on Union street. If you’re ever in the area, i highly suggest checking it out :)

  40. i’m reading My life in France now….so so so so so so so so good!! i’m not even close to being a good cook, but this book is making me want to learn how!

  41. Obsessed. I want to LIVE inside the Parisienne ads….

  42. I’m so enjoying these Francophile-inspired posts of yours, Jo!


  43. Your posts are great and these pictures..

  44. Very nice, Joanna. But here’s one Anglo-American who lived in France very young & not-so-young & hangs with Frenchies every day. We buy our striped tees (sometimes from Brittany) for half that price. So people, use it as inspiration, but the real thing (or a perfectly lovely copy) are to be had at all price points. Same with the rest (except dear Julia’s book…& she would be appalled at all of this but that’s a different story.)

    The most unchic thing in the world is to remake oneself in a manner that screams “inauthentic.” I see women trying to “make themselves French” & we (those of us a bit older, some of us actually French) find this positively bizarre. We don’t even know what this really means other than Mireille G. has created a monster that she no longer recognizes. I’m not blaming her (btw, she’s from Alsace…France is a large country).

    A rollout for a perfume called Parisienne, would naturally be, uh, all things Paris, of course. Sadly, it has little to do with real French women, real Paris style. I’m glad you were chosen for the campaign because if they allow it, you can bring some soul to an essentially hollow campaign.

    Sorry. That’s hows I sees it. But you are lovely.



  45. is it weird that i am mostly attracted to the cheese? it looks so, so, so yummy.

  46. I love all your writing on “experience parisienne”……it’s so fun…..example: “Découpage Even Marie Antoinette Would Love”…….that is how my english papers sound at school… teachers seem to be okay with it…..

  47. The striped shirt and red bra — I love that daring combination. Oh, and the food…One of my fellow grad school classmates is French, and believe me, he definitely knows his food. I love infusing some of this French style into the US.

  48. I’m so glad to see you posting about bringing an airplane picnic. I have done this for years and it’s one of my favorite parts of flying. I always bring a nice smoked white cheddar, brie with some fig spread, a little dry sausage and some bread. I then of course ask for some red wine. It’s hilarious to see the reaction of the other travelers. They always say, “I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that, I’m doing that next time!”. On that note, I’m traveling to London from Toronto to visit my boyfriend in a week on a p.m. flight. Can’t wait!!!

  49. wow! I love everything about this post! I want that bra and perfume!!! oh and that Bern helmet from yesterday.

  50. oooh i just checked out your YSL posts and i’m totally loving them. so fun!

  51. Just look at those cutie pies!!!

  52. I just read your entries in the Experience Parisienne site, I couldn’t comment there, but I wanted to say = I love your postings! I had a tough day yesterday, and this is truly inspiring!

    Thanks Joanna!