Have a wonderful weekend.

My darlings, what are you up to this weekend? Alex and I are going to Abbey’s house to celebrate Febgiving, which is basically Thanksgiving in February! Her friends made it up. Isn’t that a great idea? Hope you have a relaxing weekend, and here are a few great posts from around the web…

The top ten mispronounced foodie words.

Wow, holy bedroom makeover!

What a lovely wedding (with orange shoes).

Oh, Nutella snack drink, where have you been all my life?

Good to know when climbing trees.

Grace Kelly would have liked this pencil skirt.

Flower pinata.

Funny shopping moment in the UK.

Loving J. Crew’s “real models” series.

Beautiful bookstore cafe.

Loving these old-school toys.

Another adorable Olympics commercial. What a great song.

The cutest cross-country road trip proposal story.

Plus, five Cup of Jo posts you may have missed.
* A well-dressed autumn.
* Wine tip.
* Venice underwater.
* A quote to remember.
* An Ode to the Indie.

(Illustration by Adrian Tomine, whom I spotted in a record store once. I awkwardly trailed him around but was too shy to say hello)

  1. Your friend’s blog – Fab over Fifty — is wonderful!
    Kudos to her and to you for sharing it.
    Angela B.

  2. being featured on ‘a cup of jo’?!?! thanks, that made my weekend!

  3. Anonymous says...

    It might be a New Yorker cover, but that looks identical to the Washingto DC metro train. Especially with the orange seats. I’m pretending its me commuting to work in DC :)

  4. I still can’t shake off that Nutella drink off my mind…:-)
    Thanks for all those wonderful links!

  5. Thanks for the links :) these are great!

  6. Woah! I missed the Venice flooding buisness. How? Anyway, those are great photos, there’s something alarmingly beautiful about a flooded Venice.

  7. I love your weekend round-ups!

  8. Oh, Febgiving sounds like the most fabulous thing ever – I want to establish such a day myself! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, my love!! :)

  9. claire, yes, it’s one of our favorite bookstores! such a great vibe there. :)

  10. Thank you thank you thank you for including the J. Crew designers info in this post! I’m on J.Crew’s site 24/7 but I’ve never stumbled upon this section. I loved reading about them!! Hope you’re feeling well and having a wonderful weekend!

  11. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I’d love to hear about your febgiving… and that model series is fabulous – thanks for the link! xoxo

  12. Hi, Joanna! Nice finding you there!

    Big hello from Spain and have a nice week!

  13. Ha, awesome idea! There should be something fabulous like that in February!

  14. McNally Jackson’s is one of my favorite places in the city to hang out in. They have seats all over the tiny bookstore so you don’t even have to buy anything at the cafe if you want to read. I just wish I lived nearer there. You live in the Village don’t you? It’s just across town.

  15. Mission accomplished, we had a great Febgiving last night! Who doesn’t love a beautiful roast chicken? The 10
    mispronounced foodie words were a fun addition to the table too :) cheers!

  16. Great!I wish you a nice febgiving from Norway!Im following your great blog and it makes me happy:)Good night…

  17. sounds like a promising weekend.

  18. Loved the mispronounced foodie words. Funny and very helpful!

  19. febgiving, what an AWESOME idea! xo!

  20. OMG. Joanna, thank you SO MUCH for posting this cover!! I kid you not, I have been searching several years through random giveaway piles of New Yorker mags, hoping in vain that I’d find it, and then plop! here it is. So thanks again, it made my day. :)

  21. ooo how fun! thanksgiving is my fave holiday!

  22. Love the pencil skirt – only wish I had remembered to put in my Kelly essentials post:-(
    Have a nice weekend


  23. What a cool idea – Febgiving!!
    I will have to remember that one :)

  24. Just checked out the bookstore Cafe! How interesting,

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    I will enjoying the sun today, yippee…

    A Mexican chica living in Europe

  25. I just checked out the Nutella snack drink! How amazingly yummy!

  26. That’s so perfect! I always want some turkey and stuffing around this time. I just got home from the opera and tomorrow I have a lunch date with my friends and twin new borns.

  27. Great links and even greater holiday! What a wonderful idea. Thanks for all the great sites.

  28. I’m going to (hopefully) buy my first pair of recreational in-line skates and I’m going to see my school’s production, Rising Stars.

  29. you post the BEST links! these make my weekend wonderful. :)

  30. I hope you have a great time! Looking forward to checking out these interstinmg sites, thank-you for selecting.Let me know if you want to trade buttons over @ My Passport to Style? Sharon xxx

  31. Hope you have a lovely weekend! I have never commented because you have a ZILLION followers but I really do hope you have a nice weekend!

  32. The “real model” series? If you ask me, they are real models, no quotation marks…

  33. C says...

    Sounds like its going to be lots of fun, but no turkey again so soon I presume:)

  34. Thank you for the lovely links. I especially loved the bookstore cafe. Amazing.

  35. I LOVE Adrian Tomine! I would have done the same thing.

  36. my family has a february holiday, too: frostivus (festivus + my mom’s family name). each year has a theme (last year was pirates, this year “freedom”? hmmm). it’s food, fun, and definitely a break from the bleak weather of february!

  37. Don’t worry, you’re not missing much by not having the Nutella/drink thing available close to you. The ice tea is pure sugar there… it’s quite annoying when trying to quench your thirst after having the Nutella + cookie sticks.

    But it’s a thing everyone must try at least once!

  38. yay!!! I can’t wait!!!!

  39. Have a lovely weekend, Joanna!

  40. We love you Jo.


  41. aw, nicole, you are so sweet. what a lovely note. thank you. :)

  42. FEBGIVING! I was AT febgiving. you linked to my friend Jim’s blog! Oh, I knew I liked you miss joannna, and your style. Now I’ll make it a point of meeting you next time I’m in new york!

  43. Bookstore cafe is so great. The tables that fold down are very clever! Love it.

  44. Thanks so much for visiting my fledgling blog :) Figure skating was awesome!
    And yes, I’m SUPER stoked about my trip this summer! I looked at your honeymoon pictures and posts and am totally inspired. What do you think, is Italy a must-visit?
    Happy Weekend!

  45. Hi Joanna!

    I haven’t signed in, but you might remember me as Monomestile, I used to be a very active reader. 6 months ago I took a job that had me working ALL the time and I haven’t been on since. Anyway, last Thursday I lost that job and have had to think “what do I do before I was working all the time?” I remembered your blog and came on today.

    I absoloutely forgot how much I love you and your blog and everything you have to say. And when I discovered you were PREGNANT I freaked out!! I am so thrilled for you and your husband! You are a total pick-me-up and I love what you have to share. Sorry for being gone so long, and I’ll definately be keeping track from now on.

  46. Hope you have a lovely weekend as well. I swear February would have been such a dread if not for the Winter Olympics to keep me distracted haha, take care!

  47. Check out your links, paint, read relax, Isabella’s birthday on Sunday!


  48. That was the most adorable proposal in the whole world! Really. Amazing! Thanks for sharing. :)

  49. I am such a boob. I cried while watching that road-trip proposal video. Thank you for the great posts, as always!

  50. Loved your links!

  51. Um yeah, TOTALLY cried watching that proposal video!!! I don’t even know these people! haha nothing better than a sweet proposal :) I actually just posted my story on my blog!! I wish I had a video of it!

  52. One of my very favorite New Yorker covers — ever. And I’m old-ish. And I’ve been getting it for uh, a long time.

    good weekend

  53. So True, Febgiving is Genius! I am now inspired to take the (delicious) porcini
    mushroom gravy (from Thanksgiving) out of the freezer and roast up a chicken to go with. Tonight, we will raise our glasses and toast A Cup of Jo!

  54. Febgiving sounds great. Thanks for sharing these links with us. xoxo

  55. Febgiving sounds great. Thanks for sharing these links with us. xoxo

  56. Febgiving is celebrated right before Festivus…right?

  57. Nutella Snack Drink are a brilliant idea! Yum. And I could LIVE in that bookstore cafe. Amazing. Happy weekend!

  58. My friends and I celebrated “kegsgiving” in college – basically Thanksgiving with a keg. Not too original, but fun!

  59. this is one of my favorite new yorker covers! i covet her hair!

    happy weekend, joanna!

  60. i know, right?? febgiving was created since february is such a bleak month. it’s an awesome idea! :)

  61. There OUGHT to be a Thanksgiving in February. Heaven knows we need something after Valentine’s day to tide us through the long, cold days of winter’s end. Enjoy!