Wine Tip

Last night, I biked over to the lovely Jennifer‘s house for thai food. I brought a bottle of white wine, but it was warm by the time I arrived. Jen’s clever solution? Wrap a wet paper towel around it and stick it in the freezer. Ten minutes later, it was perfectly chilled. Genius!

  1. Percival says...

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  2. Great tip. I love my white wine chilled, and have been known to put it in the freezer. Didn’t know about the damp towel. I also take the wine glass and run it under cold water with ice then dump it out to chill the glass – saw a bartender do this once.

  3. Thanks for the tip, I will remember that! Love your blog!

  4. ohhh thanks@! I’ll use this tip probably at least once a week!

  5. Just found your blog – thanks for this great tip! We never remember to chill white wine in time… never!

  6. Now that’s a tip I can get excited about!

  7. Ah! Fantastic tip! The only problem I would have with it is remembering to take it out of the freezer- I’m a bit absent minded- but other than that I am so going to use that! Thanks!

  8. Oh! My boyfriend does that with Dr. Pepper all the time!

  9. Oh so clever! That is going in the archives for sure! :)

  10. omg! great tip!!!! I love it.

  11. E says...

    ahhh I like the water wine bottle idea a lot a lot alot.

    Except I don’t drink wine very often at all and only use it in cooking. I will just have to make a lot of sauce so I can have my water jug ready when there are visitors.

  12. wow, that idea is genius! thanks :)

  13. Nice! If you ever leave a white wine glass ring on a table… wipe it with mayonnaise and it makes the ring disappear. xo!

  14. that’s a great idea! never really thought of that. usually just stuck it in the freezer, sans wet towel, and waited forever!

    oh, and I am so jealous that you had thai food. I have been craving it lately, it always makes me think of college days and nights in the newsroom, but there are not many good thai places where I live now…

  15. Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to remember that come October when I’ll be able to savor some wine again! (unless these babies are late!)

  16. Drink wine…!

    …water is contaminated !

    Thankx !

  17. vivian says...

    Brilliant!! i just used this tip on a bottle of sparkling pomagrante juice :)
    its defenatlly a tip to remember.

  18. What a great tip from your bother! We just finished off a bottle of wine that I know would be absolutely perfect for this-thanks for sharing!

  19. @ OmnisLucis:
    i am exactly the same. they should really pay me for it, could be an olympic sport?

  20. what a great tip tnx for sharing!!!

  21. What a perfect idea! I’ll be riding my bike to a friend’s BBQ on Sunday, I’ll have to try this tip.

  22. never heard of it before…but will be trying it!!! Thx!

  23. i’m going to have to try this!

  24. Great tip! I used to use it just to cool off in the summer; works great as an ice pack for your forehead.

  25. Great tip on the wine! Thanks.

  26. oh, i like!

  27. Fantastic tip, thanks!

  28. oh how cool! i’ve never heard that one before. i’ll have to try it on our next bottle of champagne. thank you!!

    and thank you to your brother as well for the clever advice!

  29. What a great idea! I’ll have to try it next time i’m in that ix :)

  30. firstly, i love that you bike to your dinner parties. and second, i’ll be trying out this tip tonight!

  31. kate says...

    good tip!!! i never heard the wet paper towels thing before.

  32. I consume white wine like it’s my job and this will sure come handy, thanks :)

  33. Um, biking + thai food sounds like my perfect day.

  34. I don’t drink wine, but I will use this tip for juice bottles too! Thanks!