1. this actually made me cry! amazing the emotion within. gorgeous photo. just discovered your blog.. amazing x

  2. My parents always had a huge battle when they went out as I hated them leaving me! These anxious fingers look so familiar to me! It was only 6 years ago that I used to have a babysitter… now I am one!

  3. Aw, that’s so cute.. I remember the feeling of having like an invisible string tied to your parents, and it was really hard to let them go, anywhere. Good to be a grown up sometimes:)

  4. L says...

    so nostalgic! Plus, I’m pretty sure I own mom’s shoes! Scary to relate to the other side of this equation!

  5. Oh this is soo sweet! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “the feeling when the babysitter is about to arrive” but its funny how perfectly I remember the actual feeling! Lol, the most vivid memory is always the perfume smell my mom would put on right before heading out the door and the babysitter coming in! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I just love this photo. And, yes I do remember that feeling but the five kids in my family were usually already plotting for fun with our babysitter. Our favorite was named Binkey!! Not kidding… she was surfer-girl cool.

  7. makes me want to be a mom…like… now.

    His photo stream is amazing. Full of great portraits. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This picture is too sweet, too adorable.

  9. SK says...

    My parents left me and my younger brother with a baby sitter only once – and I’m thankful for that. It also makes me want to buy them a vacation package to Napa to drink all the wine they want and have alone time!

  10. i’m with sarah – the shoes, my god how nice and such beautiful legs ‘neath the li’l black dress.

  11. We only ever had a babysitter once, but I remember that feeling.

    I’m a Nanny though, so I’m usually the one about to walk in and cause chaos of sorts… so it’s interesting to see this shot.

    Thanks for sharing. x

  12. I just ADORE this concept! So sweet:)

  13. kids? what kids? look at those shoes!

  14. this picture is adorable. and is EXACTLY how i felt when i was an anxious little girl.

  15. My grandmother tells the story of having to wear a bathrobe over her fancy clothes so the kids wouldn’t have a fit. After awhile the kids got hip to the fact and her shoes would give her away.

  16. My kids don’t like the babysitter either…because they say “she sticks to the rules too much”. Good girl. :)

  17. Yes and I remember being the babysitter

  18. Ha ha! This definitely brings back some memories!

  19. This is such a fab photo

  20. I don’t know . . . i think those could be little mischief-plotting fingers!

  21. as a child i hated when my parents went out. except that we always got to eat mac and cheese, and only then–that was exciting!! now as a babysitter it’s amazing to watch how much children love and respect their parents when the parents truly do just that, parent.

  22. Aww so sweet and cute! Great photo!

    The thing is we don’t have a babysitter for our daughters and their grandma usually takes care of them when and if I need to work… But my littest one always stands in front of the door and open her arms wide open and cries every time I need to go out :( Even it eats me and frustrates me, I try to enjoy it because soon or later, those tender moments will be gone! :)


  23. This is a fantastic photo.

  24. this breaks my heart!

  25. I was always anxious for my parents to come home, never was a huge fan of the babysitters! Cute photo:)

  26. wow, i remember that feeling all too well. i loved the process of watching my mom get ready, but then never handled it well once they actually left!

  27. I loved the baby sitter, gave me the opportunity to wreak havoc for a few hours. I always told them I was allowed to eat as much candy as wanted.

  28. Awww so sweet! When I was left with the babysitter my mom left a report card for them to fill out for me because she knew that was when the mischief really started…

  29. No siree. If I might brag a bit, I was the much-anticipated babysitter. Being the eldest of four daughters (& later one half-brother) I was trained well. (It also paid for my flight at age 17 outta here & to France. For over a year. Oui.) Many adventures, some not necessarily ones I would’ve chosen, but it was all cleaned up by the time the parents arrived home. Barely.


  30. I TOTALLY remember that feeling!

    such an adorable photo :)

  31. So cute,
    we have a black tie thing this week,

  32. isn’t it incredible how a photo can bring back so many emotions and memories? love this!

  33. I definitely remember those days….:)

  34. aw, so sweet. and isn’t it funny how the roles are reversed at about 16? my dad still waits up for me whenever i’m visiting and out for the night.

  35. I can’t even stand how cute this is. How did you come upon such a darling photo?

  36. Adorable. You always find such fun pictures to share.

  37. Love the shoes! I wish it was warm enough here to wear open toes for the holidays!

  38. oh my word.

    so sweet.

  39. yes, i remember watching my mum getting ready for a party…ps love the seinfeld re runs.

  40. Such a cute photo. I remember being that anxious even when I was the babysitter.

  41. Anonymous says...


  42. so cute. i remember those days :)

  43. That’s so sweet!

    My kids don’t even bother saying goodbye to us anymore when we go out. I’m lucky if I even get a head nod… and they’re only 4 & 6.