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  2. That is just so darn cute, what a great shot.

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  4. Hi,
    So cute.I like them..Nice picture.Thanks for sharing this blog..

  5. How adorable! I think in every kid’s life there should be an animal. In every adult’s life too.

  6. That is fucking crazy. Family pet or not, that dog could eat your baby’s face before you had a chance to react. Be careful with your child!

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  9. Absolute perfection! Thanks for making me smile.

  10. Aww this is such an adorable picture of the baby and doggy! :)

  11. LOVE your blog!
    I have never posted a comment, but of all the wonderful postings you offer, this made me laugh out loud and I just had to say hey!

  12. Great photograph. I love this dog and baby! Actually all of your posts have great good vibes!

  13. This is absolutely adorable! I love the baby and I love the puppy! Too cute!

  14. So cute!

  15. Aawww so sweet, my brother in law has a picture of his daughter curled up in their dog so cute.

  16. This looks like a still froma movie where kids can talk to animals. they look like best mates! CUTE!

  17. So adorable! I love wrinkly dogs

  18. I remember seeing this a year ago, or so. I want that dog so badly! Cherish the photos I have of my niece curled up in my enormous Briard’s arms. My dog would stay still forever while she slept.

  19. Anonymous says...

    Geez guys, get a grip. I’m sure that’s not some random stray dog, it’s the family dog. The dog is not going to eat the baby, lordy.

  20. very sweet… but it makes me scared… I’d be scared the dog would eat my baby!! Am I the only one?

  21. this is too sweet!

  22. If the proportions where opposite they’d been just like my brother’s daughter and my pup.

  23. So so cute – thanks for posting!

  24. super cute, but makes me a little nervous…

  25. Aw, they’re best friends!

    Those who are worried, make sure you also don’t let your children go outside and breathe fresh air — the pollution can kill, you know.

    People are so quick the judge the parenting skills of others under the anonymity of the Internet… The incidences of family dogs harming children are miniscule compared to the rate of children hurt or killed in car accidents. Do you bring your child in the family car?

  26. Anonymous says...

    What a cutie! Makes me wish I had another dog…or a baby! AWWWW! :-)

  27. heather says...

    Htown Jenny – I agree, that looks risky to me. A dog (however adorable and well trained), is still an animal with instincts. there are just too many stories (I can think of two, this year alone, in the UK), where babies where killed by the family dog.

    The kids got a cute jumper on though and the dog is beautiful. Nice photo.

  28. That makes my mid-week day better! Thanks ;)

  29. LOVE this! nothing cuter than big dogs and teeny babies….thanks for making my day, joanna!

  30. This is so cute! Just went over your wedding photos…I love your dress, simple and classy and beautiful. congrats to you and your husband you both look great. I love the umbrella photo. :)

  31. Sweet! Made me smile :)

  32. how cute! so so cute! The dogs expression makes me smile, and the baby, oh so cute!

  33. *c says...

    so sweet! this is why i love animals.

  34. Oh my gosh you’re not kidding– that IS that cutest photo ever! How can you not smile when you look at that?! Just what I needed to brighten up my morning :)

  35. Hope this doesn’t qualify as a negative comment as I am a big fan of the blog…

    However, you really can’t be too careful around dogs, especially big ones, and small children. We’ve had a couple of incidents in our family with kids and supposedly “friendly” canines.

    So while I see how the photo could be seen as really cute, my reaction was the opposite: I was worried about the baby!

  36. yes, please. one of each, baby and puppy.

  37. ok, now I’m so excited for Henry to meet Pita. He’ll be born any day now!!! Hopefully she’ll take care of him like this nice doggie!

  38. This photo just made me entire week!

  39. Well that just made my day – hilarious and adorable at the same time.

  40. Awwww!!!! This is soo cute!!!

  41. what a large dog!

  42. Awww how precious! Sure made my day. :)

  43. oh, have you, featherheart? do you know the photo credit? xoxo

  44. now THAT is so cute.
    my sister is 6 months along and she has a rotti so this image is going to be what my nephew will look like with their family dog!

  45. I’ve seen this picture many times, but every time, it warms my heart.

  46. Hi I am brand spanking new here!What a adorable baby!! Sharon xxoo

  47. omigosh! I am dying here.

  48. it’s so cute!! have a lovely wednesday Jo!!

  49. That is the cutest photo I’ve ever seen! :) Thanks for making me smile this morning!

  50. this does sweeten my wednesday!

  51. OMG, that is the cutest picture ever – just adorable!

  52. that is serious cuteness!

  53. Great and fantastic!!!. I have no words. Greeetings from Spain. Ana

  54. That is so sweet. They both look like they are posing for the camera!


  55. *and dies*

  56. such a perfect picture to wake up too…and oh what i’d do to have a cuddly dog’s arm around me!

  57. ah! love it.

  58. This is JUST what I needed on a dark, rainy morning. Thanks, doll!

  59. so sweet :) congrats joannna-loved seeing all the pics!!