Wedding: The Down Town Association

Now I’d love to show you the venue. We wanted our wedding to have a British feel, so we were thrilled to discover the Down Town Association, a beautiful historic building in downtown Manhattan. A private social club founded in 1859, they recently began hosting weddings (lucky for us). We had the run of the entire four-story building all day, and, with the ship paintings, bookshelves, taxidermy and fireplaces, we felt like we were tying the knot in an old English manor.

To top it off, the staff was amazing. My mom told me that as she walked around all evening, every waiter and bartender would say to her, “Congratulations on the beautiful wedding of your lovely daughter.” How sweet is that?

Tomorrow, I’ll share photos of the ceremony, I can’t wait! xoxo

(Photos of the DTA by Max Wanger)

  1. i absolutely love the picture with you two and the umbrella! seriously, classic and beautiful.

  2. My husband and I got married at the DTA in 2003 because we wanted to support downtown NYC after September 11 – it is as spectacular as your pictures and we will always remember it so fondly. We got married in the winter, and we had a saxaphonist play jazz so that people could find the place with all the subways snarled from the construction. It is a really special place.

  3. so enjoy (said with a smile in my heart) that first photograph… lovely and sweet.

  4. How gorgeous. I love that you have such fond memories of the service that you received there, too: this will be one of the details you (& your guests) remember about the day, I’m sure.

  5. Anonymous says...

    Not trying to be un-nice, but I don’t get the “modern” concept of all the drama–like not seeing the dress, first kiss and all that–when a couple has been living together. Really, I just don’t understand it–I guess I am incredibly un-hip. What really floors me is when a bride goes all out in a bouffant pure white dress and a huge church wedding when she has been living with the groom for quite some time. That is really trying to have it all! On the other hand, ANOTHER thing I don’t understand is how we girls can get away with wearing a casual-looking unstructured garment, while the men are nattily turned out in tailored suits and all that! It’s a bit jarring–doesn’t quite go. Oh, I really like that photo with the umbrella, though! The colors are really pretty and it’s artsy!

  6. That first picture is art! That blue umbrella is the perfect touch…and your body language is so happy :)

  7. the 1st photo is worth a 1000+words…truly warms the ♥!

  8. What a truly unique wedding.

  9. please frame the first picture. it is magic.

  10. love the umbrella picture. very “singing in the rain”

  11. Congrats to you both on your wedding day! It looks like it was beautiful day!
    It’s been great following your exciting journey towards the day (especially since my sister has recently become engaged and we’ve just started planning!)

    Anyway I just wanted to say congrats on a great blog and the wedding!!! Look forward to seeing the next post!

  12. I love, love the first picture with the umbrella! So typical, right?!

  13. What a fantastic place! And yes, the bathrooms are fabulous, too. ;)

  14. what an amazing venue!! You look gorgeous!! and Alex very handsome…cant wait to see more!

  15. oh excellent, two posts after another! I love, of course, the first photo with the matching brolley to the bouqet. It looks like Alex is playfully chasing you, cute!

  16. Oh Joanna! Im feeling so nostalgic…its so magical. Im sure I would have tears in my eyes if I were there.

  17. that first photo is soo beautiful and sweet… congratulations!

  18. If Mary Poppins and Audrey Hepburn had a love child, it would be that classy umbrella photo at the top.

    Great pictures!

  19. i am loving these photos and so excited to see more. thanks so much for sharing these with us!

  20. I just fell over sideways out of gleeful dismay. How impossibly delightful that you got to do that THERE. ohmy.

  21. loooooove this venue. very sophisticated. makes me want to get all dressed up and sip brandy, and i don’t even drink brandy.

  22. Hi Joanna,
    It’s so much fun to see these photos. Thanks so much for sharing! What a lovely place for a wedding.

  23. oh, so lovely!! That top image is so sweet!! Can’t wait to see more. :)

  24. joanna – your pictures are so lovely. i cannot wait to see the rest, i was dying with anticipation today. max + you/alex, you just can’t beat it.

    the venue looks fabulous too– just another reason why i’d love to move to ny, so many hidden gems!

    xo, kim

  25. That ceiling is delicious!!! The pics are really lovely. Thanks so much for sharing.

  26. LOVE, love, love! Can’t wait to see more. You make a beautiful couple.

  27. that first picture is fantastic! love it! frame it! you too are adorable i only hope my wedding (not that i have a bf or anything) will be this beautiful!

  28. I LOVE the top one!! what an eye for detail; the umbrella matches your pretty bouquet. what a gentleman he is!

  29. Anonymous says...

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! Your dress/hair/makeup/smile!, your hubba hubba hubby, and the venue are each stunning!!!!

  30. How cute is the blue umbrella?! Totally reminds me of the red balloon engagement pics.

  31. Absolutely stunning! I love th first pic, especially. So romantic!

  32. How sweet are those waiters! It looks like such a lovely place to have a wedding.

  33. What a beautiful building… so romantic!

    xo Laura

  34. Enjoying all these sneak peeks to your special day Darling… Love the venue very much, it’s so both of you!

  35. oh, how beautiful! i can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures, you look so beautiful and happy!!

  36. what a fabulous place to get married. love that first photo with the blue (or is it violet?…) umbrella! thanks for sharing all these great photos. can’t wait to see the rest tomorrow!

  37. The first photograph is stunning. It really reflects the genious that is max wanger.

  38. What a gorgeous location. I love the laid-back yet elegant feel of your wedding photos… can’t wait to see more!!

    Btw, LOVE the dress!

  39. the venue is amazing! i cant wait to see the rest of the photos!

  40. The first photograph is just breathtaking!
    So lovely.

  41. what a beautiful venue joanna! can’t believe it’s in downtown manhattan!

  42. umbrella shot is just too wonderful

  43. Lovely, Joanna.

    cariad (Alex should know what that means…)



  44. what a splendidly romantic place, i love the taxidermy.
    and, oh wow! the top photograph is amazing. it’s so perfectly captured. amazing! more!

  45. What a cool place! Love that top picture of you two!

  46. I would like to add that the food was amazing!

  47. Anonymous says...

    I’m so happy for you!
    And what a treasure for you to have these gorgeous photographs for ever and ever.
    -L.A. Eve

  48. sush a lovely setting! i’m loving all your pictures! congratulations for the wedding ^^ you must b so excited!

  49. *BEAUTIFUL*… Can’t wait to see the ceremony pictures!

  50. My inner anglophile is squealing with joy at these pictures. The venue is very English country manor meets Old New York.

  51. I can’t wait either! What a gem of a venue. I adore every detail. Congrats Joanna. It looks like a fairy tale!

  52. :) I simply ADORE the first photo :) It’s so romantic! Did I mention how much I love your blog? :)

  53. I love love love that first photo!

  54. I loved the DTA!! It was the perfect NY venue – so elegant and beautiful! And Colleen (the manager) was AMAZING!

  55. joanna, i am so jealous beyond words. i can’t wait till tomorrow to see photos of the ceremony. you and alex look so beautiful in the first photo.

  56. Wow, what a great and interesting location! I am so excited to see more of the photos, Max Wanger is inspiring.

  57. The waiters did seem very sweet. Congratulations on your wedding. I love the ribbon on your bouquet.

  58. What a fantastic setting for your wonderful and lovely ceremony – I will be waiting to see the pics. Loved your honeymoon pics too. Thanks for sharing Joanna – you are such a beautiful bride! xxoo Laurie

  59. katie says...

    Beautiful. It is hard to believe it is in Manhattan!!