We displayed them on a table next to English lavender plants.

For our British nautical theme, we decorated with ships-in-bottles and blue hydrangeas beautifully arranged by Abbey.

As a surprise gift for Alex, I asked Brooklyn designer Shabd Simon-Alexander to design a custom handkerchief. Together, we chose a goofy snapshot of Alex and me racing on the beach, and she embroidered it on a vintage handkerchief. (See her other rad handkerchiefs here.) It was hilarious and beautiful, and Alex loved it. Thank you, Shabd!

Finally, jewelry designer Blanca Monros Gomez handmade our rings in her Brooklyn studio. My ring has the engraving, “All my love,” and Alex’s ring says, “All my life.” (My maternal grandparents had these words engraved on their rings, too.) We are in love with them, and are thrilled to wear them for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Blanca! xoxo

(Special thanks to our wonderful friend Donna, who helped with our wedding planning, logistics, coordination and just keeping our heads on straight.)

(Photos by Max Wanger)