Here’s the final post about our ceremony! It was the most intense and exciting half hour of our lives–indescribable. You feel so present, like you’ve been dropped into your body. I couldn’t take my eyes off Alex, and he was squeezing my hands the whole time.

After we exchanged our vows and rings, Hamish said a few beautiful closing words, but I have to admit, it was pretty much unbearable to wait to kiss Alex. I could hardly contain myself. I felt like I was jumping out of my skin. Finally, Hamish said, “With the power invested in me by the City of New York, it is with great pleasure that I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss each other.” And we did.

Our recessional song was “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes (which we hadn’t realized was in Dirty Dancing, hilarious; Alex had loved it in Mean Streets). I was blubbering as we walked back down the aisle, but was still smiling through the tears. Alex, I loved marrying you!

(My hair was by the wonderful Heather Packer from Cutler Salon, and my make-up was by Kevin James Bennett from Makeup Forever, who is hilarious and super-talented.)

(Photos by Max Wanger)