Wedding: Decor

We displayed them on a table next to English lavender plants.

For our British nautical theme, we decorated with ships-in-bottles and blue hydrangeas beautifully arranged by Abbey.

As a surprise gift for Alex, I asked Brooklyn designer Shabd Simon-Alexander to design a custom handkerchief. Together, we chose a goofy snapshot of Alex and me racing on the beach, and she embroidered it on a vintage handkerchief. (See her other rad handkerchiefs here.) It was hilarious and beautiful, and Alex loved it. Thank you, Shabd!

Finally, jewelry designer Blanca Monros Gomez handmade our rings in her Brooklyn studio. My ring has the engraving, “All my love,” and Alex’s ring says, “All my life.” (My maternal grandparents had these words engraved on their rings, too.) We are in love with them, and are thrilled to wear them for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Blanca! xoxo

(Special thanks to our wonderful friend Donna, who helped with our wedding planning, logistics, coordination and just keeping our heads on straight.)

(Photos by Max Wanger)

  1. Amazing pictures. These picture are explaining that your wedding will be a memorable day for all those who have attended that. Your wedding ring is the most touching thing. I will also engrave those wording on my ring too.

  2. oh! blanca! she is lovely and so talented. she made my husband’s ring too. i ended up choosing a band by the designer of my engagement ring (not blanca), but i could have walked out of her place with like $1000 of her other work.

  3. I LOVE how all of your photos look vintage. It adds such a romantic quality to them.

  4. Beautiful. I love all the little details.

  5. Gorgeous!!! Your wedding day looks absolutly stunning.

  6. I love, love, LOVE the wedding photo’s of your grandparents and the way you had them displayed. And the rings!! Oh my… those age old touchstone moments being passed on to new generations. And the fact that you decided to pay tribute to them in such a beautiful way … so touching.

  7. I absolutely LOVE the ships in the bottles. I had one growing up. Makes me want to find it again…

  8. Wow what an amazing wedding, so thoughtful and so beautiful. thank you for sharing!! amazing! x

  9. Loving them all, the photos of the Grandparents gives a very special touch, I can really sense the emotion on the day in these pictures.

  10. I am enjoying every bit and morsel of your wedding! I love cozy venues like yours. They are such little gems, especially in NY.

  11. I don’t even know you but these photos and words, especially the bit about the rings, have just about made me cry! You both look so beautiful and in love. And your photographer is incredible. Congratulations!

  12. Every little thing was so well-thought of, I’m so blown away that there was a reason why everything was chosen! This I learnt now, there really must be a reason for everything.

    I’m so touched by the fact that you chose to work with non-commercial designers. I just loved everything really!!

    So so blown away, I can only dream of having such a complete wedding of my own. I’m definitely remembering this for life and when my turn comes, I’ll think of your wedding and remember why it’s so important to make it my own, with meaningful touches that will carry me into a new life.

  13. some beautiful touches Joanna!!!

  14. breathtakingly beautiful.

    I’m in love with the lavender, vintage family photos, and ships. Just stunning.

  15. love the ring inscriptions… what a beautiful sentiment that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life!

  16. What a beautiful and sentimental idea for the rings. Again – absolutely perfect ceremony; you did such a great job with organising so many small details.

  17. I nearly cried when I read the ring engravings. (I held it back, since I’m at work and all.) It sounds like you and the mister had a phenomenal day. :)

  18. no kidding…i’m crying AGAIN!!! love the ring engravings. so touching!!!

  19. gorgeous! i love the meaning behind all each of the decorations.

    we had photos of our parents framed and presented on our wedding day too. it was a special way to remember my late father as well as a homage to where we came from.

    recently when we travelled to new york my husband and i met with blanca to have a ring designed. she is so lovely and her work is impeccable!

  20. Anonymous says...

    love the ships-in-bottles!

  21. oh, i love you retelling us your day like this. it’s wonderful. my favourite bits of this post are the nod to the past with the beautiful framed photographs of all your grandparents and the tender inscriptions on your rings.

    really. so. wonderful.

    is there more? can there be more?

  22. So stunning, so special, I just can’t get enough! The photographs of your grandparents are perhaps the most thoughtful and sweet table decor I’ve ever seen at a wedding. It is so obvious how much family means to you and Alex.

  23. those photos are so gorgeous, they just look so dreamy and wonderful! congrats x

  24. a) these photo recaps just keep getting better & better!!!
    b) your wedding looks like it was absolutely stunning & classic. plan mine? :)
    c) LOVE the rings + the engravings

  25. I agree, your details are spectacular, and also really simple. For a wedding afficionado, your own seems so simple and fun, not overly fussed over. I love the really family focused touches, the old photographs, the words in your bands.

    I also can’t help but notice that this doesn’t seem like a break the bank sort of ceremony, and it’s really refreshing to see you do it up, but realistically. Sometimes, when everyone seems to be getting married and no one talks about the expense associated, you make small mentions (the limited depth of your pockets, say) that make it easy to follow your wedding storyline. It looks fun above all, but also classic, whimsical and modest, at the same time–a really charming combination.

    Congratulations again, of course, and thanks for sharing all these glimpses.

  26. The idea of your grandparents pictures framed is so lovely!!! congratulations Joanna everything looks amazing

  27. I have loved reading about your special day…the touches were so sweet!

  28. Aww Joanna, your details are amazing! What a gorgeous wedding! :)

  29. I love the framed photos of your grandparents! what a special and unique touch. I would have never thought of that. ditto for the ring engravings. so sweet.

  30. loving all the rose petals floating everywhere…. so romantic!

  31. That engraving is so sweet! I love all the traditional and family elements in your wedding :)

  32. your wedding looks brilliant! i love all the thoughtful moments such as the wedding rings with their inscriptions! BEautiful!

  33. the whole vibe im getting from these photos, i can practicaly imagine being there. so lovely!

  34. So amazing! I love all the little touches like the photos of your grandparents :) You guys really chose a fantastic photog… beautiful pictures.

  35. This week has been incredible, seeing every last, gorgeous detail from your big day! It looked just magical, Jo. And I adore the English country-meets-nautical theme.


  36. i am a new follower, but i am so in love with your blog and your wedding! i’m getting married in vegas next month and your pictures make me – almost – want to rethink it!! :) so lovely!!

  37. Looks gorgeous! I love the muted colors of the photographs.

  38. Honestly, these are the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever set eyes on. And the way you describe each moment – like a narrative – is thrilling. Love this! :)