1. That is so cool. I love it. I was very obsessed and impressed with the subways while in NYC this summer! Subway is one of favorite one..always enjoy it :-)

  2. What a cute idea, and a great DIY project for a gift or when babysitting for my friend’s kids.

  3. wow…obsessed with this!!! totally amazing! she needs to do more of these!

  4. that is so cool…i am obsessed with tube systems as well…trying to memorize the London one..but alas:-)

  5. Wow, it’s fantastic. And a keepsake he’ll be able to treasure forever, what a creative mom!

  6. I absolutely adore this idea! It came out just perfect. What a great aunt!

  7. It is a very pretty map though

  8. That’s a pretty optimistic representation of the location of the G train. Sorry Tim and Bonnie–

  9. Looks like we were on the same page today! Isn’t Erin great?! Have a fabulous weekend Joanna!!


  10. I really like the style of that artwork. Did she consider making prints and selling them..??

    -Sara extranapkins.blogspot.com

  11. Unfortunately, my poor kid has one artistic talentless mama. Ah ha. That is too adorable!

  12. luckyyyyyyyy! Although Ive only been in NY for 6 days of my 22 years of life on this earth, I have to agree that the subway is def the best part! Me and this kid would be total friends.

  13. This is so very cute:) Very thoughful!

  14. That’s such a gorgeous poster! I want one too please!

  15. What a fantastic present! Love it.

  16. This is adorable! I want one for my new apartment… such a cute idea!

  17. So unique! I love it!

  18. This is so cute! Love it!



  19. Anonymous says...

    That is so adorable!

  20. that is so cute!

  21. That’s an awesome idea and it turned out super cute!

  22. This is so sweet. What a great gift.

  23. The subway is such a magical place as a kid isn’t it?? Even now (living in a place that sadly doesn’t know great public transportation) I’m still a little fascinated by the unknown of the underground! Such a great poster.

  24. ahh! that is so cute i love it!

  25. Lucky doesn’t even begin to cover it! That’s a gift he’ll treasure into his dotage …

  26. I’m stunned! Not only do I hope to become such a cool mom (in a couple of months!), but I would love to have a kid that loves the subway and the museum. Great, great, great poster!

  27. Very cool….I was very obsessed and impressed with the subways while in NYC this summer!

  28. Oh! That is so cool. I love it. I want one now.