We couldn’t bear to let our guests go quite yet, so for the Sunday morning after our wedding, we arranged a casual brunch in Battery Park’s Rockefeller Park, which is right on the water, with old schooners sailing by.

After a very rainy weekend (there was even mention of a hurricane!), we were thrilled to see the sun come out. My mom ordered delicious uttapas from Hampton Chutney (Indian pancakes with savory toppings), and we had a bubble machine, balloons, frisbees, bikes, hula hoops and lots of blankets. We loved lying around in the grass, hearing the post-game wrap, and watching the little dudes chase each other around. (Two babies even played footsie!)

Next up: The final post with final thank yous. xoxo

(My dress and Alex’s shirt were both from Steven Alan. The giant pink balloons were a nod to our engagement photos by Max; you can find similar balloons here.)

(Photos by Max Wanger)