An awesome red helmet (plus a big-sisterly nag to drive safely), $150.

A critter kite, $4.

A slinky. They’re also fun for grown-ups. (Stairs, etc.) $8.

A handy kit for making your own pinhole camera. 22 pounds.

Natural salve for dry hands. The best part? They’re churned by bicycles! $7.

A cheeky rope tie clip, $60.

A rubber stamp, so he can write awesome thank-you notes (and love notes) on regular old computer paper. $9.

The Competition Bicycle: A Photographic History, $31.

A house plant that he can put anywhere, since it doesn’t need soil, $20.

Swedish summer soap, $4. Fresh, clean and not-girly.

The Icelandic bearded cap from last year, cause it bears repeating. $104.