On his website, David Horvitz lists whimsical, heartfelt things he’ll do for a fee.

For example, he writes, “If you give me $250, I will read The Little Prince in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in the middle of a work day,” or “If you give me $1, I will sit in silence and think about you for one minute,” or “If you give me $68.33, I will take an old friend to lunch. I will take a photo of us together. I will mail you the photo, tell you what we ate, and briefly describe our history as friends,” or “If you give me $30, I will walk around New York, and the first homeless person I see I will buy him or her whatever he or she wants to eat,” or “If you give me $1,626, I will go to the small Okinawan island called Taketomi and send you an envelope filled with star-sand” (pictured above).

The inspiring site makes you feel giddy when you read it. I’ve never seen anything like it.