1. I just felt like a rant, sorry ;).

    It is so amazing! I love it there.


    ps Have a great weekend!

    Im going to use you blog as a message board and I want to see if the love of my life will get this.

    High five and eskimo nose rub to the girl Im going to spend the rest of my life with. I love you!

    Thanks Jo!

  2. Anonymous says...

    I love it! I so want to wake up to a giraffe batting her eyelashes at me. Adorable.

  3. whoa, gary, singita looks AMAZING! that will be my travel fantasy for this morning, i just decided:) thanks for the tip.

    good to know that animals will not, in fact, we wandering into the hotels:) i don’t think people’s comments were south-africa-specific, though. i think people just assume that with any open-air room, you run the risk of getting more nature than you bargained for. i know in michigan (where i grew up) you’d have lots of squirrels and raccoons coming inside; and in cornwall, seagulls are EVERYWHERE. my mom lives in florida and her porch is screened in because of the lizards…..and (dare i say it) in the first 6 months we lived in my nyc apartment, we caught 17 mice — and we have walls!! :)

    so i think people are just animal-wary. don’t worry, it’s no comment on south africa, which looks so lovely and amazing!!!!!!!! you are so lucky to live there.

    talk soon, xo joanna

  4. No it’s not wrong at all. You should look up Singita as well. WOW…it is amazing.

    To all the people who spoke of animals just wondering in…seriously people dont be stupid. I once met an american (no offence)who asked me, “Do you live in a hut and have animals walking around outside your house?”

    We just introduced this new fangled thing called a Telly Fone I think…(SARCASM)

    Thanks for the rant…I feel better now…

    Those places are worth every cent!!


  5. Anonymous says...

    The open door is kind of inviting the hyenas in. I would shut it…

  6. Anonymous says...

    This place is beautiful. But is there room service? And do they provide robes? How wonderful would it be to relax in that bath and watch the amazing sunset?

  7. ive always wanted to move my bowels while staring down a meerkat. now i know i can!

    seriously, those are a few of the coolest rooms ive ever seen.