gifts for women

Gift Guide for Sisters

12 gifts for sisters, including a bubbling face mask and a smiling mug.

Gift Guide for Moms

11 gifts for moms, such as chocolate penguins and foot duvets.

Gift Guide for Best Friends

12 gifts for best friends and wives — like a funny book and the greatest hair product.

Gift Guide for Female Friends

12 presents for friends, including a magic hair potion and the year's best memoir.

Gift Guide for Sisters

10 sweet gifts for sisters, including a genius pie delivery and California-inspired perfume.

11 Best Hostess Gifts

Fun presents to give your friends or relatives when visiting their homes.

2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is like coconut: you either love it or hate it.…

Gift Guide for Friends

Show your bestie how much she means to you.

Gift Guide for Sisters

Cotton shirt tailored to have a “feminine boy fit,” $168, for hikes…

2014 Gift Guide for Moms

Flowers every month, to get her through the winter, starting at $149.…