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2019 Gift Guide for Husbands

11 great gifts for men, such as funny coupons and a mug to make him smile.

2019 Gift Guide for Dads

10 great gifts for dads, including the best board game and a black truffle for scrambled eggs.

2019 Gift Guide for Wives

11 gifts for women, including a hilarious game and beautiful everyday earrings.

2019 Gift Guide for Brothers

10 gifts for brothers, including a compelling book and a funny keychain.

2019 Gift Guide for Sisters

11 great gifts for sisters, including a croissant lamp and gold earrings.

2019 Gift Guide for Kids

12 awesome gifts for kids, including stick-on earrings and shark slippers.

The Cup of Jo 2019 Gift Guide

It's happening!

15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Relationship

Including a game-changing vibrator and the most beautiful flowers.

2018 Gift Guide for the Hard-To-Shop-For Crowd

Tweens! In-laws! Co-workers!

2018 Gift Guide for Dads

11 gift ideas for dads, like airplane footrests and his favorite dorky game.