Friday link list Cup of Jo

Friday link list Cup of Jo

What are you up to this weekend? We’re playing baseball tonight, and tomorrow I’m going to see Dream Scenario, which has such a funny premise. Hope you have a good one — stay safe — and here are a few links from around the web…

Will you see the new Mean Girls?

Pasta with green sauce, yum.

My friend was wearing this incredible perfume last night.

A relaxed woman: “Growing up, I never knew a relaxed woman. Successful women? Yes. Productive women? Plenty. Anxious and afraid and apologetic women? Heaps of them. But relaxed women? At-ease women? Women who don’t dissect their days into half hour slots of productivity? Women who prioritize rest and pleasure and play? Women who aren’t afraid to take up space in the world?” Yes!

McDreamy finally gets the recognition he deserves.

Five pretty Paris hotels (NYTimes gift link)

Three questions therapists wish they could ask you.

Found! The best TV show to watch with preteens and teens.

What a beautiful North Fork house.

My dad and I text regularly about The Golden Bachelor. Are you watching?

When German and Irish folks offer each other cake. And a German making tea for an Irish friend.


On Big Salad this week, I talk about how my first dip into dating after divorce feels like a rom-com, and I’m into it;) Read it here, if you’d like.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Leigh on how do you parent a tween?: “The most important lesson I learned is this: give grace. You will not get everything right, your parenting partner will do and say things you disagree with, and your child will do and say things you never imagined back when you gazed on their sweet newborn face. Be gracious to yourself, to your partner, and to your child as you navigate through the tween and teen years. The second most important lesson is this: it’s not personal. When your tween or teen seems angry at you constantly, understand that they are dealing with huge emotions and feelings and they don’t know where to put them — and you are the safest place they have. They know (down deep) that your love is constant and secure and no matter what they say or how loudly they say it, you will love them. Hang onto that little bit of knowledge, because some days it will be the only reason you don’t change the locks while they’re out. Hugs to everyone going through this time.”

Says Emily on how do you parent a tween?: “Tweens/teens are ‘newborn adults’ in Montessori’s words, and that approach has helped me deal with the shifts my daughter is undergoing. You have to be patient with someone new to adulthood!”

Says Ariana on the best thing to text a friend: “AHHHHH! This is me! My heart is swelling. Winning that NYC trip was such a gift for me. It came at an important time in my life; I was in the throes of severe burnout and that trip was my beginning of slowing down, standing in my ‘no’s, and trying to do absolutely nothing. Being a long-time CoJ reader, of course I wanted to meet Joanna. But even more so, I wanted to mirror the grace she brings to readers and the CoJ community. As women, I wish we were not socially conditioned to accommodate, but I look to places like CoJ to expand my toybox of words and actions that can make our world the softer version we all deserve. Thanks for modeling the importance of it all and for gathering us, Joanna. Sending love.”

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