dream scenario movie

dream scenario movie

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In Dream Scenario, a dark comedy from A24, Nick Cage plays a humble college professor who starts popping up in strangers’ dreams. Looks fun, will you see it? (Related: Willy Staley once tweeted, “A24 is short for ‘A 24-year-old guy will think this is the best movie ever made'” lol)

Milky Way ice cream bars

Our freezer was broken for two years, but was finally replaced, and the boys and I are enjoying a newfound love of frozen desserts! We got a bunch of ice cream bars, and the dark horse? Milky Way. I don’t love nougat, but the ice cream bars don’t have any — they’re just chocolate ice cream, caramel, and a chocolate shell. Don’t sleep on these!

Brooklyn bedroom

Okay, this is random, but when I find something best in class, I feel compelled to share it: this alarm clock. The beauty is in its simplicity — no sound effects, no extras, no fuss. We got one for each of our bedrooms, and the small size is perfect for traveling. (Thanks, Liz!)

Ali labelle

Creative director Ali LaBelle does a cool thing when she travels (and at museums, which I’ve mentioned): she looks for a theme — a color, pattern, shape, whatever — and takes photos of examples. “Pistachio green was *everywhere*, especially in Milan,” she said of a recent trip. “Not pictured: two separate scoops of pistachio gelato.” Who wants to try this around town this weekend?

P.S. More fun things, and what random activities are you enjoying these days?

(Photo of bedroom from Grace Cady’s house tour, taken by Christine Han.)