What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to Kent, Connecticut, to visit some old friends and swim! I haven’t been swimming in ages and I’m excited to jump into cool water. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

LOVING these easy shorts for summer. (The length is perfect.)

Yum, a sliced egg sandwich.

My husband and I don’t live together. I think it’s the secret to our happiness.”

How gorgeous are train dining cars?

I’ve been using this hand cream instead of perfume lately, and it smells soooooo subtle and good.

The struggles of LGBTQ+ family-making: “In our larger heterosexual culture around fertility and birth, you don’t talk about pregnancy until you’re out of the first trimester, but for single parents and queer people and trans people, the ‘childbearing year’ begins long before conception. We don’t have a common conversation around that, so people are often really isolated and alone; there’s not a culture of talking about choosing sperm donors or how fragile early pregnancy can feel.” (Vogue)

Movie dialogue nobody has ever actually said in real life. (New Yorker)

A 72-year-old woman on finding delight later in life.

This video of a guy breaking the world record for solving a Rubik’s cube is exhilarating!

Parents of teenagers on talking about drugs: “Before my teen goes out to a party, I have a little talk with her where I review the different categories of ‘not what I want you to do (but basically understandable if you must)’ – have one drink, take one hit – versus ‘never under any circumstances’ – get in a car with an impaired driver, go off alone, take an open drink from someone, etc etc. It’s a fun lil routine we have where she puts on makeup, and I try to juggle ‘have fun!’ and ‘don’t do anything terrifying.’”

I got Toby this great alarm clock, and we all love it.

What a beautiful trailer for a film about the central role of swimming pools in Icelandic life. “The swimming pool is your second home,” says director Jón Karl Helgason.

Steph Curry’s favorite things. “A weird series we watch is Schitt’s Creek. It’s one of my favorite shows, but no one in my circle really knows about it.” (NYMag)

Plus, three reader comments:

Says CC19 on 13 fun things to do with friends: “My friends and I will do a ‘Green Elephant’ party where we take something from our home that we aren’t using and think someone else might enjoy, and do a gift exchange. We wrap everything in newspaper or old grocery bags, and you’re allowed to ‘steal’ (exchange) a gift with someone else’s. It’s an absolute riot.”

Says Eve on 13 fun things to do with friends: “As an apartment dweller, I ask my friends with yards if I can help them garden. I will happily pull your weeds with you and hoist your mulch in order to chat, get some air, and earn a cold drink.”

Says Emily on do or don’t: twin beds in guest bedrooms: “My (Boston Irish) grandparents slept in twin beds their whole marriage! The walls were mint green and the bedding was a darker green plaid. The wall above one bed had a framed picture of Jesus and the other had John F. Kennedy.”

(Photo by Eldad Carin/Stocksy.)

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