Joanna Goddard

I love love love a good memoir — Blackout, Beautiful Country, In Love — and the other day I started wondering what mine would be called…

My first thought was Omg It’s Loud in Here: A Misophonic Life. (Alternate titles: What’s With All the Yell-Sneezing; Quiet Down Please Boys; Is That Person Seriously Clipping Their Nails on the Flight)

Another idea: Want to Hear Something Wild? 18 Gossipy Stories You Can’t Tell Anyone. (I thought of this one when I stumbled upon three separate videos of myself telling Alex to turn off his phone so I could share something juicy.)

And a third would be the sentence my mom says after any gathering, party, trip, outing or activity: Well, That Was Fun!

Overall, I guess I just love memoir titles. For example, these are beautiful:
The Year of Magical Thinking
Know My Name
Born a Crime
When Breath Becomes Air xoxo

And these make me laugh:
You’ll Grow Out of It
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes
So Help Me Gosh
I Feel Bad About My Neck

So! On this winter afternoon, tell me: What would be the title of your memoir? Or for this chapter in your life?

P.S. What parenting is really like, and two beautiful memoirs.