dog sleeping

dog sleeping

What are you up to this weekend? I have Covid for the second time (*shakes fist*) so I’ll be watching Emily in Paris and spam-texting friends. I’m also trying to get my sense of smell back. I can’t even smell cinnamon! Hope you have a good one — stay well — and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Cute work top.

Wow, Ethaney Lee’s newsletter is beautiful: “sometimes i think about what would have happened if i kept on with the pregnancy when I was 23 years old. what kind of mom would i be? i’ve been thinking a lot about motherhood lately. i’ve been thinking a lot about who will remember me when i no longer exist in this world and there’s a part of me that is selfishly sad no one will take care in remembering me and how i looked like when i was young and no one will look in the mirror and feel proud we have similar widow’s peaks or remember how i only keep my hair up with a single chopstick…for years, i told myself i no longer wanted a child but the truth is: i still dream of it and i wonder. i wonder and i wonder and I wonder.”

15 winter makeup trends. (I LOVE #1.)

Speaking of, this blush is glowy and wonderful.

I tried four famous tomato soup recipes and found my family’s forever favorite.”

Hahahaha, it’s true.

A five-step method to edit your closet. Trying this weekend!

How jaw-dropping is this bedroom ceiling??????

Five women on going gray in the workplace. Plus, an inspiring Instagram account about going gray.

The boys and I loved this children’s book, written by a father and son.

Made us laugh.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Jenny on what pants do you wear to work: “I’m a family medicine resident in Seattle, and the gamut for acceptable workwear is WIDE. I want my clinic patients to know I’m a queer friendly little weirdo but also to occupy physical power when I’m around old-school doctors who don’t show me respect. I like the Topo Designs black coveralls with a silk scarf tied at the neck, power clogs, and a beaded deerskin barrette my mom made that shows patients that I’m Indigenous. I also get compliments on my very wide-leg Eileen Fisher black pants.”

Says Kaff on what pants do you wear to work: “Before buying new clothes, I’ve gotten into the habit of asking myself the NPR question: will I wear this 30 times? For work pants, the answer is often yes, but the question is a concrete way to check in with myself when I feel like filling up a shopping cart click click click.”

Says Lisa on my father’s changing hands: “When my mother had Alzheimer’s, I loved her more than I ever had. And now that she’s been gone for four years, I miss the motherness of her — the smell of her hair, the feel of her cheek, the bones of her hands. And it has made me conscious of the value I have for my own adult children, value for which I already did the work. As mothers, our bodies are our love for our children, and even if we do nothing but sit near them, mute, they’ll feel loved.”

(Photo by Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy. Closet editing via Haley Nahman.)