What are you up to this weekend? My friends are throwing a holiday party, and I’m excited to dress up and drink some bubbly. I like showing up early to get the night started (and see the kids in pajamas before the partygoers arrive). Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

For a cookie swap, which would be the bigger crowdpleaser, these or these? I can’t decide.

Love love love Catbird for gifts, for myself or others. My personal wishlist: this beautiful ring and a travel essential.

The podcast episode Can I Say Something Bitchy? is hilarious.

A French village’s radical vision of a good life with Alzheimer’s. “Hallways are designed as loops, without dead ends, to reduce confusion… A salon offers haircuts, and each house makes a daily grocery run to the épicerie, or supermarket. The store has no cash register or price labels… A bright-green train car sits in the Village library, hitched to nothing in particular. A therapeutic tool, its interior is realistic, with metal racks for baggage and a flat-screen television, which plays footage shot from a train as it rolls through a forest. Nathalie Bonnet, a staff psychologist, told me that the simulacrum of travel appears to quell a simple desire to be elsewhere.” (New Yorker)

How cute are these organic cotton pajamas? (You can use code COJDEAL for 20-50% off the entire site through Sunday.)

This dress feels right out of a classic Italian movie.

Why The White Lotus’s Portia is TV’s best dressed character. “What [costume designer Alex] Bovaird has gotten so right about Portia is that she is not a devotee who lives for fashion but is a woman from a generation for whom style, or the approximation of it, is exercised like a god-given right…All more pitch perfect: no one says a thing about her clothes. Neither her gently woke suitor nor her hilariously distasteful one compliment her exposed abs or her beautiful hair; you don’t even hear the older men make comments about her appearance.”

Have you ever traveled with another couple? This story made me laugh.

Trader Joe’s dos and don’ts.

Pros and cons of two egg-cracking methods. Also, a reader named Thomas says, “I use the back of a knife for a clean cut with fewer shards,” which I am now curious to try.

How great is this New York Magazine cover? Hi, Paul Rudd! Hi, Emma Straub! Hi, Ramy Youssef! Hi, Corn Kid!

I resent that we need a ‘Respect for Marriage Act’: “I am supposed to be grateful that Congress is taking action to protect my marriage, but the truth is that I resent it. My marriage should not need to be protected, and nor should anyone else’s. My wife and I have worked — if not always successfully — to make this country better for our entire lives. If there is a right due to me, I am here to claim it without qualifications or an asterisk by my name.”

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Annie on Four Fun Things: “The White Lotus is amazing. I love watching a popular show with everyone else in the world; it feels like we’re all connected.” Adds Leigh: “Did you hear Mike White’s interview on Fresh Air? It was fantastic.”

Says Caroline via Instagram: “Holiday shopping tip from my kids, who have truly cracked the code: They call it ‘Mom Said No’ shopping. They skip the toy aisle and instead follow me into the aisles with detergents and cosmetics and towels. And sure enough, tucked between soap and toilet paper, there are toys perfectly curated by other kids. The best games, trinkets, candy, even a random dog bone. Somebody’s mom said no to all of it and left the trove behind.”

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