A cozy sweater that matches the one she always borrows from you when she visits. Plus, it comes in 12 colors. $69.50.

A bucket of Spanish potato chips to crunch while watching Bad Sisters. $42 (it’s huge!).

Babaa Hat No. 19

This babaà beanie or colorblock cutie to keep her warm on winter hikes. From $65.

An ornament featuring all the kid cousins, $32.

Organic cotton leggings with a cult following for everyday adventures. (Bonus: They have pockets!) $24.

Shit, Actually isn’t brand new, but it’s the funniest book I’ve read in the past few years. The genius writer Lindy West recaps — and hilariously eviscerates — iconic movies from the past 40 years. Says CoJ reader Laurel: “The book is AMAZING, but consider listening to her read the audiobook rather than reading it yourself. It’s even funnier.” $20.

A bold, juicy, chilled wine that tastes like strawberry lemonade and Swedish fish. $29.

A portable lamp for cuddling up around the house. $22.

We finally tried these faux fur blankets and the only problem is that none of us can stop saying “omg this is so soft” when we’re cuddled up. Makes a no-brainer gift. $53.

Wear-all-year SALT perfume to make her feel sexy and windswept and outdoorsy, her favorite state of being. From $32 (and get 15% off any order with code COJ15).

A donation in her name to an organization she loves: Extinction Rebellion, 350, or Climate Justice Alliance. xoxo

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(Beach photo by Simone Anne/Stocksy.)