Wait, should we all be bringing kids’ foods to parties? “I went to a potluck where everyone tried to outdo themselves by bringing gourmet appetizers,” wrote a reader named Karen. “One guy showed up with two big bags of Cheetos. He was the star of the party, and those bags were empty in no time, as we all rhapsodized about how good Cheetos were.” And my friend Ziva always brings Chipwiches, calling them the “jean jacket of desserts.” Thoughts?

This graduation season, I’ve been remembering my own college experience. Football games! Michigan winters! Pitchers of beer for $2! And, of course, my best friend teaching me what vibrators were: a magical little toy that feels amazing and helps you orgasm. Um, sold?! It’s a joy, at any age, to discover what makes you feel good and take time for yourself. These days, I LOVE this suction toy with thrilling pulses of air. It would make an a-maaa-zing first vibrator or very sexy upgrade. (Bonus: It’s 15% off with code CUPOFJO15.)

Have you seen the new trailer for My Policeman? Harry Styles plays a gay officer forced to hide his sexuality in 1950s Britain. The romantic drama looks beautiful, touching, and suspenseful, and comes out on October 21st. Can’t wait.

How pretty are these wine cups made by a Brooklyn ceramicist? That’s all!

P.S. More fun things, and my sister’s awesome dating tip.

(Photo by Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy)