What are you up to this weekend? We are watching the Warriors game tonight and hope to see Steph Curry’s famous shimmy! Also, I’ve been reading this Pulitzer-Prize-winning book and it’s incredible in so many ways. Have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Is Barry the funniest show on TV right now?

Beautiful photo.

What foods have you been into lately? I’m loving these plant-based meals built on sustainably sourced organic fruits and vegetables. This is my new favorite breakfast. (They’re offering Cup of Jo readers up to $40 off their first order with code JOANNA.)

Omg, this Brooklyn townhouse. The bedroom nook! The speaking tubes! The treehouse! (NYTimes)

Open letter to little kids, haha.

Coming out to my parents over kimchi fried rice. “Naneun geiya (‘I’m gay’). When I practiced that in front of the mirror over and over for a month, I cursed the gods for making the words for coming out in Korean so much longer, so much more assonant than in English.”

Would you bring a whole roast chicken to a picnic?

A handy way to find that word on the tip of your tongue. (via GNI)

Just got these to wear all year. #stickofbutter

On everyday marriage: “I want to normalize significant periods of confusion, exhaustion, grief and unfulfillment in marriage. There’s an older couple I know who are in their fifth decade of marriage. They are funny and kind and, by almost any standard, the picture of #relationshipgoals. Early on in our marriage they told us, ‘There are times in marriage when the Bible’s call to love your enemies and the call to love your spouse are the same call.'” (NYTimes)

What NOT to say if your child comes out to you as gay or trans.

Digging this street style. (NYMag)

Jewish views of God that aren’t the ‘Old Man in the Sky.” (via DesignMom)

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Mary-Kate on teenage crushes: “My friends and I all had crushes on the NINJA TURTLES. Mine was on Donatello, the purple one, which said a lot about the type of guys I would actually like one day! Nerdy, loves science and recycling!”

Says Mer on teenage crushes: “Growing up, my baby gay self would get so nervous when someone asked what celebrities I liked. I was only asked about boy crushes. But in retrospect, I was obsessed with Mara Wilson, Mae Whitman, and Alia Shawkat (all of whom are queer! yay!). Also, Reese Witherspoon — I made collages of her in ninth grade and somehow didn’t come out to myself for eight more years?! Lol.”

Says Madz on teenage crushes: “It’s my personal mission to ensure every single person with whom I interact is familiar with the genius that is the New Kids on the Block Step by Step music video. I don’t make the rules, I just call it like it is: it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

(Photo by Jesse Morrow/Stocksy.)