Brooklyn sunset

Brooklyn sunset

What are you up to this weekend? We are heading to Dia Beacon, a small art museum north of NYC. I’m curious to see what they’re doing these days, and I always love visiting Richard Serra’s sculptures, which are exciting for kids, too. It’s one of those museums that are full of surprises and delights. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

My little sandal secret.

What’s a simple fact that blows your mind? (For example, every ‘c’ in Pacific Ocean is pronounced differently.)

I’ve been taking walks and listening to this gripping audiobook.

Mom, will you never lose me?”

First drafts of the great opening sentences in literature.

We made these easy shrimp tacos this week.

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s long pause explained racism and sexism in America.

Let us live so that we might earn a single moment when our children look at us like this.

This spring poem! The vibe is *laughs hysterically*

How cute is this gingham raincoat?

Succession but it’s Arrested Development. Made me laugh.

What a cool red carpet dress. (Harper’s Bazaar)

An amazing CoJ reader named Alisa complied a bunch of your Trader Joe’s hacks! Download the pdf here, if you’d like. And if you feel moved to thank her, she kindly asks to please consider making a small donation to support Ukraine.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Emma on why have kids? It sounds so hard: “I just have to say, as someone who doesn’t have children (35 and post-hysterectomy after a long saga with endometriosis, no plans to pursue adoption, etc), that these comments are utterly heartwarming. To know that the next generation of humans are being raised by parents who are so invested, and aware, and just lovely, makes me tear up. What a beautiful community this is, and thank you all for doing the hard work of parenting so the world can be full of lovely young people in the years to come. xoxo”

Says Kara on the #1 spring makeup trend: “A YouTube makeup artist once pointed out that *where* you put blush makes a huge difference. I decided to take a selfie post orgasm to see where my natural flush is. Surprise surprise, for me it’s UNDER my cheek apple. I had always been an apple application person, but I moved it to where it should be and woowwww. One of the better research assignments I’ve given myself tbh.”

Says Karen on 10 of the funniest reader comments: “This is my favorite hangout.”

(Photo by Yoko Hirao/Stocksy.)

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