What are you up to this weekend? We are joining a neighborhood-wide stoop sale on Saturday and Sunday, where all the earnings will be donated to Ukraine. If you’d like, please come walk around Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and check it out. Hope you have a good one — take care — and here are a few links from around the web…

My warm-weather beauty staple.

Have you seen this brilliant SNL skit? (The Atlantic)

Lulu and Georgia is running a HUGE sale. (I ordered this and this last night.)

At the café today, I met a sweet baby named Bea, after Beatrix Potter. Afterward, I googled a compelling New Yorker article about how cool Potter was: “A series of established publishers had turned her down, partly because of her insistence on keeping the book’s price low. ‘Little rabbits cannot afford to spend 6 shillings on one book, and would never buy it,’ she wrote to a friend. She was also particular about the size of the book; it had to be small, for small hands.”

Amy Schumer’s new TV show, Life & Beth, is getting great reviews.

Digging this everyday look. (Get 20% off first-time orders with code COJ.)

Oh my gosh, this week’s New Yorker short story is sooooo creepy. I read it last night and was SPOOKED. Highly recommend.

Have you seen this dating comic? Would definitely use the first-date questions.

Weeknight dinner idea.

Spooky! Cousin just referred to their other grandparents. “We’re supposed to have the same grandma; that’s, like, our whole deal.”

Better names for food, haha.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Elizabeth on how to rekindle your sex drive: “For the libido question: Dipsea! 100%! An app full of short sexy audio stories that you can search depending on what you’re into. Made by women, and everything is clearly between consenting adults, so you’re not stepping into some upsetting minefield. They also specifically have stuff on self touch. For me, it has definitely had the Grey’s Anatomy effect, i.e. being turned on all the time!”

Says Lindsay on the case for giving guys flowers: “I’ve discovered that children love getting flowers, too. It’s an often overlooked gift for them, and all the children I’ve given them to have been delighted.”

Says Meg on the case for giving guys flowers: “I was that original commenter [who gave her octogenarian male neighbor flowers]. My neighbor still brings up those flowers, months later. Recently I got him a bath bomb, just to blow his mind.”

(Photo by Melika Tursic/Stocksy.)