when harry met sally sweaters

when harry met sally sweaters

My answer’s easy…

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel. Our friend Rob once casually played it for the boys. And it must have struck a chord because Toby hummed it during meals, in the car, at the park, in the bath, and throughout bedtime for the next THREE YEARS.

The question came from a game we have called Songversations. Eric Hutchinson, a singer-songwriter, created a deck of cards with 100 music-themed questions for people to ask their friends. Other questions include “What’s a song you like because of your parents?” and “What’s a song you remember making out to?”

Others songs that often get stuck in my head are You Can’t Hurry Love and 500 Miles.

So! What’s your answer? What earworm-y songs would you gladly never hear again?

P.S. Playing music for your kids, and what wedding first dance songs do you like?