Palm Springs

Palm Springs

New York City is icy cold, so to warm up the day, I’d love to ask: what funny scenes do you like in movies and TV shows? Here are six that make me laugh every time…

In the third season of Succession, when Tom makes fun of Greg for dating someone out of his league. “Why not? We put a man on the moon.”

In Broad City, Ilana realizes how much time Abbi spends at Bed Bath & Beyond. The secret handshakes are genius.

Every moment with Kelli in Insecure.

Palm Springs, when Andy Samberg (while stuck in a time loop) knows exactly how to dance along with everyone at the party.

Fleabag Season 2! Hair IS everything.

Discussing oral sex in Bridesmaids, hahaha.

What scenes do you love in movies and TV shows? So much comedy gold out there!

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