Roberta's Pizza

What are you up to this weekend? I had surgery this week, so we are laying low, and the boys are excited that Hotel Transylvania 4 comes out today! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

The Girl Scouts made a new cookie, and it’s ridiculously amazing.

Why making friends in midlife is so hard.” (The Atlantic)

Now THAT’s a hike.

A friend gave me this and it’s become my favorite part of my beauty routine.

How delicious does creamy chicken soup look?

A five-minute film about a one-minute time machine.

Emma Straub on the magic (and drama and celebrities and makeout sessions) of bookstores.

A spelling bee kid cracks up at the word “sardoodledom.”

Whoa, this living room!

A day in the life of a very puffy coat. It’s me. (The New Yorker)

These two dancing always makes me smile.

Plus, three reader comments:

Amanda on what comedy scenes do you love: “Oh my gosh, the cold open from Brooklyn 99! I saw a tweet that said something like ‘That opening scene from B99 has a fandom of its own,’ and I 100% agree.”

Emiley on 10 ways to help a new mom: “I hope we always follow those instincts. I’ve had friends drop ginger ale and crackers on the porch when they heard my kids had a stomach bug; and someone drop off a delicious Bundt cake on my porch, unprompted by anything. A sister-in-law once sent a book I mentioned wanting to read. Another sent a luxurious hand cream out of the blue. My kids are 8, 5 and 2, so I wasn’t in any kind of obvious weeds… but I found myself in tears every. single. time. It is SO nice to feel loved and seen at every age and stage, right? I try to remind myself to ‘never suppress a generous thought,’ because it never hurts to lift someone. Something I’ve read about — cried over — many times on this blog!”

Julie on losing my brother: “I lost my parents one right after the other. My brother, who still lived in our hometown, would often bump into an old family friend who was suffering from dementia. Every time, he’d ask my brother, ‘How are your parents?’ and at first my brother would answer honestly and the man would clutch his chest, gasping at the tragic news, only to forget it moments later. Eventually my brother changed the story to what my parents had always dreamed of: ‘They live in Maui now. It’s fantastic.'”

(Photo of Roberta’s Pizza by All in the Industry.)

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