snowy cobble hill brooklyn

What are you up to this weekend? New York is snowy, so we’ll be making snow angels and sipping hot chocolate and listening to the boys whinge about the cold. (Meanwhile, how brave is my friend Leah?!) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Obscenely chocolatey chocolate cookies.

Movie dialogue nobody has ever actually said in real life. (New Yorker)

52 things I learned in 2021 by Jason Kottke. “While recording the audiobook version of Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White needed 17 takes to read Charlotte’s death scene because he kept crying.”

What sneakers are best for walking? (I wear these everywhere.)

A professional baker reviews baking scenes from movies and TV. “They’re lying to me and I don’t like to be lied to. There’s no way that happened in five minutes.”

How yummy does this salad look?

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson break down a scene in The Lost Daughter. (More about this movie next week, I LOVED it.)

Swimming pool goals.

Love this wedding look. (New York Times)

The alcoholism stereotypes in And Just Like That… “For starters, plenty of people with drinking problems don’t sneak off to bars, take shots in the middle of the day, or cheat on their husbands… Many of us drank at appropriate times and in all the right places, but still struggled with our grip on alcohol and what it meant for our lives.”

Made me laugh.

Plus, four reader comments:

Says Sarah on where will you find quiet this winter: “For a while, I swam with underwater headphones, but I’ve come to love the silence. Sometimes I think about deep things while going back and forth. Other times, I think about what’s for dinner. And my favorite way to pass the time if it’s feeling slow? Go over the names of people I’ve slept with, in order! The number isn’t THAT high, but it keeps my brain amused for at least eight laps. ;)”

Says Joslyn on five fun resolutions: “This year, I chose a theme: ‘Live life to the fullest.’ My best friend teases me endlessly and texts me to ask how I am LLTTF-ing. But the idea is to stop wasting my time on stupid sh*t. Pick up a book instead of scrolling Instagram. Volunteer instead of watching a TV show I’m not even into. Be present with my kids instead of trying to multitask.”

Says Tenley on five fun resolutions: “2022 is my year of weird! I’m hoping to go feral. I moved into my first solo house this year, and I had this subconscious idea that ‘Well, I’d better act proper.’ But why try so hard when I could just be super weird? I bought plates with jungle cats instead of the ‘grown up’ stoneware ones, I’m sewing dinosaur-print pajamas, I’m painting my hallway bright pink, I’m letting my garden be an experiment, I’m working on saying complicated stuff on first dates. I’m not going to worry if my house looks like it was designed by a kid. I want to say ‘It’s thrilling!” instead of ‘It’s tasteful.'”

Says Capucine on five ways to upgrade roasted vegetables: “My French mother-in-law put ‘chapelure’ on roasted tomatoes or zucchini. It’s stale bread thrown in a cuisinart with shallots, parmesan, salt and pepper. Freeze in a bag to pull out and sprinkle on things you want your kids to like.”

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