guess who

Recently, our family has gotten into Guess Who, the classic game where you ask yes-or-no questions (“Is your person wearing a hat?” “Does your person have blonde hair?”) to figure out the other player’s character. We can pass some serious time playing this, and we all enjoy it, even the grown-ups.

Here are 11 other games we like…

Deadly Animals Bingo (we sometimes bet $1 on these games to make it extra intense)
Five Second Rule
Too Many Monkeys
Jenga (fun for any age)
What Do You Meme
Perfection (I LOVED this as a kid)
Just One
Matching (always a classic)

guess who

What board games do you like to play with kids? I would love to hear more ideas!

P.S. Four games to play while lying down, and three words that changed how I parent.

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